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Day Sep 16
Let's be buried in our favorite cuddle position,
you can be my little spoon.
We'll find the best spot for our decomposition
with a perfect view of the moon.

Sometimes, I am scared of the close
of this happy life with you.
But, our souls will start again I suppose
a story all anew.
Day Aug 31
I want to be invisible
but, really what I mean
I want to be okay
with the way that I am seen.
#socialanxiety #social #peace
Day Aug 11
What is the definition of myself?
A modpodge rendition of a pinterest post I saw?
A poem I wrote drunk off my ***?
A half-hearted rhyme I can't tie tother?
This is not a poem. It's my life.
  Aug 10 Day
Take care of yourself
My dear...
You know there’s still a part of you
A very large portion actually
That still wants
To be alive
The shadows may scream, but their numbers are few
  Aug 10 Day
Diána Bósa
I wanted to be your part
so desperately
that I almost lost
my wholeness.
Day Aug 10
I feel like a crossword puzzle puked in my brain,
jumbled thoughts on a trackless train.
I'm trying to sort through this emotional pain
but, I'm not even sure there is something to gain.
Day Jul 10
First thing
I noticed,

but, you found
a place
to call home.


Are you
scavenge and

Is my question
Should I just
stay mute?
I can't help
but look over,
while on my
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