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  1h Melyda
I was flustered at the way you stared at me

you don't go away
not in my dreams

you stand so close
you can't even see

put my favorite song
dedicated to me

you had so many chances
you never proved anything

I took the words out of your mouth
guess you'll never know what I expected

my expectations are low for you
you dug yourself a hole

I will always come back
even if you don't

so many opportunities
it doesn't go through me

cross my heart
hope it breaks

I want all the love I have for you to go away
Melyda 5h
If there was one thing I would ask you
Then please let me die this time
I've died too many times
Now please, let me die for real
I can't bottle up these emotions
Without hurting myself or craving death
This loop will never seize
Let Death save me because no one is ever coming to my rescue
Let me finally be in peace and in joy
Can you really punish me because of my pain that causes my madness?
Please let me die happy and free
While my hair is tangled in the breeze and my eyes are star-glazed
Please just let me die
Think of it as Death saving me
Melyda 6h
My life is so bleak
and so painful
I just want to slip away
But how and where?
I've been pondering
for who knows how long?

I could lynch myself
I could pop a pill
I could stab my beating heart
I could shoot my brains out
I could do so much more.

It's so hard to feel something good
I'm just on the ground
Gazing at the intouchable stars  
I almost felt whole for second
I wish I could drown in the night sky
Melyda 7h
My head has fallen
onto maggot infested muds
While my body drowns
In the Winter cold

I feel like I'm wandering
Like a lost black sheep
I feel so empty
And so small

A monster prowls the day and night
Looking for an easy morsel like me
I let it slowly tear me apart
As I watch it become satisfied with my own blood

I have shrunken so many times
It strips my flesh into shreds
As my blood stains myself
I'm so weak and so lonely

I don't fight back nor even try to run
I know it sounds stupid
But I can't stop this Monster on my own
I'll let it feed off of me until I am no more

If it's really meant to be
Then I'll die from this Beast
Unless Someone chooses to save me
A Little black sheep that's lost
  16h Melyda
Lock me in ice,
Freeze me beyond my bones.
Let me become a visceral tundra,
Devoid of all,
Leaving only a chilling silence to roam.

Crystalize my blood; make ruby shards.
Tear the skin with your glacial flames.
Seize a still beating heart with Death’s arctic claws,
Puncture it with five frosting talons,
to diminish the simmering heat that remains.

If you’re going to ice my heart:
Spare no wrath, tear me right apart.
Since I made a fire poem, I felt obligated to make an ice poem. This one is more about love than Its counterpart, but that’s ok I think. I have to stop writing poetry in Trigonometry...
the pen is my needle
the words are my drug
the parchment, my vein
my name is bill hughes
and i am a poetry addict
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