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Stíofáinín Nov 2019
Venus's Aurora,
Before the dawn
She casts him out and suffers on
Morning star, he fell down to greed
in want of what he'll never need
Chasing clouds back into the sky
He only loves to crucify
Stíofáinín Sep 2019
Idle searc,
We remain untold
You carved your name again and again into my soul
I miss you when I'm alone
I cry
In these dark waters where I reside
Losing sight of all the times we fell in love
Professing to that ache far too much
Idle searc,
From here where do I go
The waters are cloudy down below
They cast me back to when you asked me to stay
Preconceived intentions of walking away
Always known
These pages are torn
Words cannot save a heart whom is worn
Adrift, in an instance
You choose the moments and piece by piece I fall in
The waves immerse me as this end begins
I wait, for an answer that's already mine
Dead in the waters
Visions blurred with time
Stíofáinín Sep 2019
He beats my daylight
Oh, carelessly
The cross my dearest carries
He carries to me
I love him
Empty are my dark skies
Outside the light inside his eyes
I know now
This flame of mine has to die
I love him
Stíofáinín Sep 2019
A retribution we could not defy
To heed the suffering would be to die
Hell bent, to veil what time cannot conceal
Burried underneath countless convictions

A shelter you created
Stíofáinín Aug 2019
There is no perfect thing that exsists, only the perfection two halves create to make a whole. This is unsurpassed. People completing what's missing in each other. It is not to be understood.
Perfect is, never really seeing the immense universe that surrounds us until we find it in someone else's eyes. All other perceptions of perfect are only a distortion. That is unreal.
And tooth and nail will be forever lost trying to hold on but we must fight to see it. Hold on to it. Lose a lifetime to it. If we cannot open our eyes we are all, eternally lost;
There is no perfect person who stands alone. This is why we are all lost in the crowd, it's a struggle to fight ourselves to see this. An illusion is easier to accept. So do we?
A shallow hungry world that only takes. An imitation of a sun, false and burnt out. Starving everyone as we are none the wiser.
Be gentle and magnanimous and allow it in. We choose. Change. We choose. Virtue.
Refuse the things that are too easily swallowed. Put up a fight. Welcome the true nature of perfection, the only one that's real.
Stíofáinín Aug 2019
We are octopi
Cloaking in disguise
Unrecognizable, to the wandering eye
Hiding from each other while unfolding inside
We are alive in this soil
Growing into one another
Endlessly entwined
Stripped of omissions
Without separation
We are a tree rooted deep in the grounds, standing before the barriers of Zion,
our own holy land
And love is a bird, caged in the sky
Everytime we kiss
A living breathing creature who cannot be captured after recalling the sun
Freedom floats from your own soul to mine
Underneath the the earth we grow together
Lost to time
Stíofáinín Jun 2019
Oppressed by a vision that keeps me in the ground
I lay inside of it where I cannot be found
Immersed in all these shadows I can't say which is my own
You saw it once, then it was gone
Ingested by a tragic neurosis that ****** my mind
But I can take it all because I'm by your side
Conceptual self stimulation helps to swallow it down,
as I fall evermore further into this ground
For seconds we come simultaneously, reproducing these lies
I am yours and you are mine
I take it all because I'm by your side
An overconsumption reshapes my eyes
You are trauma,
And I've become blind
Still I can take it all because I'm by your side
Breaking the face on my own virtue
Everytime you speak I suffer the loss of my intention
And I vent so much just so I can bend
Polluted in this ground where I wait to bloom
You're the only one who can make me rise and you can't even see the pitiful side
All your unease hooks me back into the ground
Now I'm here where I cannot be found
Without you,
I break the face of my own virtue
When you speak I suffer the loss of all intention
And I vent so much just so I can bend back,
Filthy in the ground where I wait for you to let me grow
Mutating into the weeping willow;
This is how cut-off I really am
But you can't see me even after I take your hand
I let you go, and I'm falling,
Without you

I am nothing
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