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Dec 2019 · 94
Anyone else?
Moon Wright Dec 2019
I am afraid of affection
yet I crave it

I want you to stay
but then I want you to go

I'm content one minute
and the next I am angry

I blow up with anger
after taking in so much

My mood swings from highs and lows
every. single. day.

I want to care for me
but then I want you to treat me like trash

I want you to love me
but then I want you to not give a **** about me

I like to be alone
but I don't ever want to be lonely

My sadness is always there
just sometimes milder than others

And don't forget about the
suicidal thoughts

My mind has convinced me
that I am a horrible person

My mind has convinced me
that the people around me hate me

My mind has convinced me
that I am trapped in this hell

What is wrong with me?

Can someone save me?
Just an inside to how my mind works
Does anyone else feel the same way?
Dec 2019 · 374
I've Been Gone
Moon Wright Dec 2019
I've been gone
for a while
You see, I've been struggling
learning how to smile

I've been missing
for quite some time
You see, I've been hiding my pain
and trying not to cry

I've been away
for a minute
You see, I've been trying to convince myself
that my story isn't finished

I've been hiding
for the moment
You see, I've put back together
the pieces that are broken

I've been gone
for so long
Because every. single. thing.
seems to be going wrong
Sorry I haven't posted in forever. Can you forgive me?
Feb 2019 · 33
I'm A Pain
Moon Wright Feb 2019
I'm trying
To enjoy
Time with my family
I'm trying
To enjoy
My break from school
I'm trying
To enjoy
The time off I have

But instead
I am spending
My time
And down in the dumps
I'm spending
My time
Making everyone else
As well
I'm spending
My time
Trying to control
These negative emotions

I want to put
On a smile
And pretend
Like everything
Is fine
As I usually do
But this time
I can't even
Do that
Why must depression ruin my life?
Feb 2019 · 455
Hanging On
Moon Wright Feb 2019
With everything
That's going on
I just can't keep
Hanging on

My sleep
Has been eluded
My brain
Has been deluded
My health
Not included
I'm nearly

With everything
That's going on
I just can't keep
Hanging on
I'm slowly losing myself
I need help
Nov 2018 · 78
Moon Wright Nov 2018
I feel like
A worthless
Piece of trash
Because I always
Have so many

They seem never-ending
And more seem to come
At a moment's notice
For seemingly no reason

I'm tired
Of feeling this way
I'm tired
Of being so pessimistic
I'm tired
Of letting others down
I'm tired
Of being that one person
No one wants to be around
Because of my mouth
And my thoughts
And my many, many problems

I'm tired of living this life

So I'm going
To make it my goal
To change
And become
Something my brain seems
To not see
For myself
This is my current mood and has been for a while
Nov 2018 · 16
Don't Cry
Moon Wright Nov 2018
I'm not a crier
But sometimes
I have my days
Something could go wrong
And just like that
The dam is broken
And the flooding begins

It could be my grades
Which I am uptight about
It could my relationships
Sinking like a ship
It could be depression
Dragging in its claws
Or anxiety
Being the clingy monster
It is

I'm not a crier
But sometimes
I have my days
Don't cry. You aren't a crier.
Oct 2018 · 89
Moon Wright Oct 2018
I need to pay attention
To what life
Throws at me
Because with each
New day
A little blinder I see
I what I need
To past at life
And to succeed
I need to clear
My thoughts
In my mind
As sooner or later
I'll find
I've run out of time
So I need to focus
With each new day
So I do my work
And not wander or stray
A brief poem based on my life
Oct 2018 · 160
Moon Wright Oct 2018
I'm wanting to be
A better version of me
But with each day
And step I take
I seem to be taking
One step forward
And two steps back

I'm wanting to be
A better version of me
But my mind
Tries and tries
To find ways
To destroy my soul
Every single day

I'm wanting to be
A better version of me
But my body
Doesn't have the energy
And the effort
To obtain such
A good being

I'm wanting to be
A better version of me
But only my spirit
Is willing
To find this better
Wanting to be a better person is hard sometimes
Oct 2018 · 397
I Know Better
Moon Wright Oct 2018
I know better
Trust me
I do
Than to trust you
Or anyone else
For that matter

I know better
Believe me
I do
Than to believe
Too hard
In my dreams

I know better
See me
I do
Than to believe
In looks
Over the inside

I know better
Hear me
Than to listen
To words
I don't believe in

I know better
Believe me
Than to expect too much
From myself
Or anyone else
I know better
Oct 2018 · 99
What A Wonder
Moon Wright Oct 2018
It's a wonder
I'm still alive
After trying not once
Not twice
But over twenty times

It's a wonder
I have friends
When I'm mean
To no end

It's a wonder
That my grades are good
After pushing myself
Way further
Than I should

It's a wonder
I have talent
Though I haven't
The slightest
To use it

It's a wonder
It's a wonder
Who I am anymore
A poem focusing on the negatives
Mar 2018 · 147
Moon Wright Mar 2018
An emotion that sneaks up on you
So silent and true
Makes you feel as if no one is around
A feeling so blue
A room full of people
Yet the emotion won't let go
You can't help but feel so lonely
Deep in your heart of stone
Lonely but not alone
Such a saying to be told
Such an emotion to explore
As you walk down that road
That leads to someplace
Where the emotion can fly free
And hopefully not ever
Come back to thee
A poem about feeling lonely
Mar 2018 · 356
Moon Wright Mar 2018
Such a sad world we live in
Where having many followers
Is the only way to fit in

People you don't know
Following your post
As if they are friends
Giving you a toast

Strangers you'll never meet
Following you
As if they are true
To you
As a friend
Who will follow you to the end
To meet a death so sweet

Followers mean nothing
They are people behind a screen
Whom you will never see
Until you two shall meet
And will you know
One follower from another?
As you are but strangers
Possibly walking around each other

The only good thing
About having many followers
Is the simple fact
That you must be a leader
Whether a good or bad one
Is up to you
And your truth
Inspired by the problem of social media taking over the world
Mar 2018 · 275
Bad Game
Moon Wright Mar 2018
Soccer is the sport
Which my heart belongs to
Kicking a ball into a goal
Under a sky so blue

Yesterday a game
Was played quite nicely
Until the end
When we became less feisty

A kickoff to start
The beginning of the game
Not many spectators
As it's not of fame

Trying to get the ball
Like a good player should
I get backhanded in the face
Knocked to the ground as I should

The refs call no fouls
As they favor the other team
It made me so mad
Since my lip had begun to bleed

Further into the game
The ball comes towards me
Nails me in the stomach
Making me want to scream

The halftime whistle blows
We get off the field
To go over the game plan
And take a time to chill

Getting back on the field
Determined to tie the game
We get the kickoff
The ball our claim

So ways into the game
Another player crashes into me
I fall to the ground in pain
Because I twisted my knee

I'm taken off the field
Another player goes in my place
But it didn't really matter
The game was over with grace

It wasn't our best game
But we've certainly had worse
Next time we'll score
And hopefully, no one will get hurt
This is about the soccer game my team and I had yesterday
Feb 2018 · 335
Moon Wright Feb 2018
Such a human emotion
Something all humans carve to have
Something all humans can't resist


There are some
Like me
Who can't stand the thought
Of love
It terrifies us
To our very core


Such a repulsive word
We don't crave it
We resist it the best we can


The human need for love
The human craving for love
The human wanting of love
Fights with this fear
And every day they clash
Together in a fight over control
Neither side is willing to back down


Such a terrible, scary word
Such a deep, uninviting word
Such a tear-working word

I can't have it
It needs to stay away
I don't need it
It scares me anyway


Such a terrifying word
Philophobia is real; it lives in me
Feb 2018 · 78
Moon Wright Feb 2018
No title
No name
No game
No fame

No way to refer to
No way to call
No way to state
No way to recall

No way to know
No way to think
No way to notice
No way to bethink

No remembering
No restating
No reciting
No speaking
If there is no name, there is nothing
Feb 2018 · 86
You Don't Matter
Moon Wright Feb 2018
Every day you awake
To a world that could care less
About who you are
Where you are

Every day you talk
To people who could care less
About what you have to say
What comes out your mouth

Every day you walk
To places that could care less
About where you need to go
Where you need to be

Every day you go home
To people who could care less
About you being there
About you being family

Every day you go to sleep
To think about your day
And everything you should've done
To make it better for others

Every day you self-reflect
To come to the conclusion
Over and over again
That you simply don't matter
Jan 2018 · 185
Be Quiet
Moon Wright Jan 2018
Your words don't matter
So why do you talk?
Why do allow words
To come out of your mouth?
No one is listening
To your words
Because they don't matter
They simply don't matter

Why put yourself through such torture?
You know they don't matter
You know no one is listening
You know no one is paying attention
And yet
You keep talking
Why must you be so difficult?
Why must you not understand?
Your words do not matter
They don't matter
They never will

Therefore, you must stop speaking
You are only hurting yourself
No one else is paying attention
To this one person
Having a conflict in their mind
To stop talking
Jan 2018 · 88
Moon Wright Jan 2018
The List!
The List!!
The List!!!
My one wish
Is to be on the list
With the letter
A or B
Next to my name
Signifying the greatness
To come with the letter
The title to come with the letter
The position to come with the letter
Yet I cannot see this list
Unless someone is so kind
To post it for all to see
The List!
The List!!
The List!!!
My future withheld in The List!!!
Jan 2018 · 170
Not Enough
Moon Wright Jan 2018
Me, by myself
Am not good enough
To start a conversation
To keep a conversation
To keep you entertained
To get you to like me
To make you happy
To make you laugh
To get you to stay
By my side

No, I'm not good enough
To get you to be my friend
To acknowledge my presence
To smile at me
To get a twinkle in your eyes
To text me at night
To get you to understand
To get a 2 am
Or 4 am for that matter

I'm not good enough
For so many reasons
That you can't possibly understand
Because you don't see
What I'm suffering through
As I'm simply not good enough
For you

Dec 2017 · 576
Moon Wright Dec 2017
Feeling a yawn
Coming on
Covering my mouth
To prevent it coming out
Eyes feeling droopy
Emotions quite poopy
Wanting to go to bed
At school I am instead
Getting sleepier by the minute
But have to push through it
Sleep has to wait
Until the day has gone away
Dec 2017 · 81
Moon Wright Dec 2017
Weren't you always supposed to be there
Waiting by my side
Being there for me
With every change of tide
Weren't you supposed to be there
When everything seemed dark
When was shattering
The pieces of my heart
Weren't you supposed to be there
After all that we've been through
Staying with me forever
Through and thin and truth
Weren't you always supposed to be there
When I was in a fright
Scared of the terrors
That only come at night?
Oct 2017 · 214
Moon Wright Oct 2017
I can't breathe
I can't see
The walls
I can feel them
Closing in on me
Crushing me
Wanting **** me
I blink
And rub my eyes
And look again
And this time
I can see
That the walls
Are not killing me
They are steady
And still
By themselves
Being themselves
I breathe in
I breathe out
I feel pressure
Around my body
I feel like
I can't move
I feel trapped
In a spacious room
Where 90 people can fit
I feel trapped
I feel like
I am going to die
If I stay here
In this big room
Much longer
Agoraphobia with Panic Attacks
Oct 2017 · 263
Speaking UP
Moon Wright Oct 2017
Quiet as a mouse
Never speaking more than I should
Having, LETTING, people walk over me
As if I'm just a doormat
Just a toy
That no one cares about
Or thinks about
Just uses because it's there

I'm not strong
I'm. Just. Not. Strong!
There's a voice
With a powerful message
Deep within me
But with the mouse
Comes the quiet
Trapping my words within me
Never letting them out

I'm sick
I'm tired
Of the way things are going
I have to be strong
My words have power
They need to be heard
I can speak them
I WILL speak them
Outloud for all to hear

About finally speaking up and letting the words inside come out

— The End —