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Bridget Crooks May 2018
I fear I may never find,
A love like mine.
The passion, devotion,
My partner in crime.

Maybe he’s out there,
Searching for me too,
Or lost in the city,
Looking for eyes of blue.

Perhaps she is chasing
A wild, distant scheme,
Or laying in the arms
Of her latest daydream.

Maybe he has settled,
For a girl unlike me,
With a love of wine
But no taste in poetry.

Perhaps she is scared,
To confess who she is,
Lost, alone and
Devoted to being his.

In truth I may never find,
The person I wish to love,
But they are out there and
Are who I shall write of.
Bridget Crooks May 2018
In loving memory of the old me,
I am deceased, gone, I’m history.
Faded away but still breathing,
Fighting the urge of really leaving.
My public persona is laid to rest,
Was prepped, embalmed and dressed,
Laid in a hole, deeper than six,
A permanent solution with no easy fix.
Or better yet, I was cremated,
Burnt, diminished and completely degraded.
What was left, my cremains, were put in a box
And shoved on a shelf like a broken clock.
Either way, it doesn’t matter,
Be it the first or be it the latter.
Burial or cremation, the cost is the same,
One human soul, only a memory to remain.
Bridget Crooks Apr 2018
If I were to die tomorrow,
And have the life torn from my body,
I would call you just to say,
“I’m sorry for existing in your world.”
I’m sure you would understand
As you held my lifeless body in your arms
That I never meant to hurt you so much.
As you cried over my bloodied being,
I know you’d forgive me for all that I was.
You would paint me out to be an angel
And silently recall all the ways I hurt you.
You’d lay awake, tormented by my memory
And from the heights of heaven or the depths of hell,
I would sob for the wreckage I left behind.
ifiweretodietomorrow death die you love pain heaven hell forgive
Bridget Crooks Mar 2018
Forget me
Over time.
Vacant stares,
Empty rooms.
Regret nothing
And move on.
Never look back,
Don’t miss me.
Answer no calls,
Leave me here.
Without you,
Always be alone.
Yesterday is past,
Side by side,
Shadow and I.
forever always foreverandalways empty shadow alone regret vacant stares remember yesterday depression forgetme
Bridget Crooks Mar 2018
Never be alone
Even when you go
Vengeance in my heart
Everything I once knew
Ripped from my soul
But I am not alone
Even as you slip away
And here I remain
Lost in a world of grey
On my own, but not forlorn
Never shall I weep for you
Every moment, forever mine
Bridget Crooks Feb 2018
I didn’t expect our last kiss
To be quite like this,
The taste of tears and pleading,
The pain and hearts bleeding.
I thought we would be ninety-one
With all completed and done,
Surrounded by a whole handmade life,
You, my husband and I, your wife.
Bridget Crooks Feb 2018
i used to fear my own death,
now i fear the possibility of another breath.
one more second in this word prolonged,
i don't know if i can be that strong.

when they ask me if i'm okay, i lie
but deep inside i start to cry.
closed doors hide all traces,
as do smiles and pretty faces.

tears, smiles, nightmares and dreams,
nothing in this world is as it seems.
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