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Rose Cornicelli Feb 2018
You loved me till the very end
and I cant tell if that is good
For I didnt see the end was near
I laid my love down at your foot
I told you I wished to see
Us old and gray and near
Then you pulled me to the side
And ended before our year
You said you'll never love me
Or hold me like before
You say you're afraid to hurt me
but this decisions just hurts more
What about the life we planned
The stories that give me hell
Well now I'm lost in darkness
And I'm looking for the light...
Rose Cornicelli Nov 2017
Flowers grow inside my lungs
And though theyre pretty
i cant breathe
you laugh and pick the most beautiful from my mouth
watering them with lies
nurturing them with my pain
I cant speak
I cant yell
But you like it that way, Your..
Rose Cornicelli Nov 2017
You drown me in Love
Then you pull away
Leaving me breathless
Wishing youd stay
no one can see me gasping
no one can hear me scream
and just before my world goes black
you drown me yet again
Rose Cornicelli May 2017
I feel like a star
On the outside I seem small
But if you take a closer look
If you get to know me
Im a flaming ball of energy
Burning myself just to stay alive
And even though this universe created me
Its doing everything it can to destroy me
I have my coping methods..
But one day
I will either fade out
Or explode in a blaze of glory
I feel like everything is trying to push me down right now and i try to think clearly but maybe im just not meant to do that maybe im just meant to take the hits and the beatings the abuse. Maybe thats what my purpose in life is. A living breathing punching bag
Rose Cornicelli May 2017
Hideaway under a bridge,
Forbidden kisses and marks all over.
They told me i was innocent.
Im more corrupt than i show.
Rose Cornicelli Apr 2017
I anger you dont i?
The requests for hugs get under your skin.
Is it really so bad
To get so close
To me...?
I've seen you at your best and I've seen you at some of your worst. I've seen you naked for ***** sake. Is hugging me so uncomfortable that when I am threatened physical harm you refuse to do so?
Rose Cornicelli Apr 2017
I moved on from you but you're still stuck in the past
You say your okay but I swear its just a mask
You hesitate and sit in silence captivated
While I notice your eyes are dilated
You say you weren't ready
Yet your heartbeats unsteady
You still make my heart flutter
And I swear I still melt like butter
I want you back
Stop lying to me and yourself I can see it in your eyes,
Its just 3 simple words..
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