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 May 2020 Stand in the rain
I will admit, I am shocked how quickly true love can turn toxic,
morphing into a poison that runs through our blood stream making us scream and bicker
and so the love we once felt is reduced to a flicker.
Toxins replacing our delicate words that once held such warmth,
with ones intended to hurt and bring each other to war,
till the point we are dodging our shattered love on the floor,
and grow eager for self victory though there is no award.
So tell me this dear,
is any of our toxic love, true anymore?
I miss the words
You fed me daily
So incredibly nourishing
Though completely empty

I’m starving now
With no words to intake
Please come back
I don’t care that it was fake
I almost didn't
survive you leaving me

I think I would
have died anyway
if you stayed.
It's inside you,
You're holding it all in your hands.
Mold your fate people.
In order to be strong, you have to be weak
One does not exist without the other
In order to stay strong
You must have memerance of your weakness
Passion blossoms into a flower
Spreading its alluring fragrance
The wind is the messenger
Carrying the invitation of Love*

© Amitav (Radiance)
 Dec 2017 Stand in the rain
Damaged people love you like a crime scene
Before any crime had been committed
They kept their running shoes right next to their souls every night
One eye opened in case something changed whilst they were asleep

Damaged people love in the most broken way
Damaged people love in the most gentle way
Damaged people do not love
Damaged people love too much

Their backs are always too tense, too tight
Made this way from carrying too many broken things
Because we all know broken things are the heaviest
Just look the weight of a broken heart

Damaged people will love that too
Damaged people love broken things
Because they remind them of themselves

Damaged people take broken things
And love them to the end
Trying to find that one broken thing
That will fit their cracks.

Damaged people love so well

They love like this because they have already seen Hell
And they know that every evil demon
Was once an angel before they fell.
 Dec 2017 Stand in the rain
You are the only one who made me feel whole,
I gave you my heart, my body, my soul.
All of your promises turned out to be lies,
I’d been gazing into the devils eyes.
Depression is were you want to be alone,
But at the same time you dont want to be lonely.
Depression is where everything is going right,
But you're still sad.
Depression is wanting to go out,
But at the same time not wanting to socialize.
Depression is feeling trapped,
Trapped in your own mind
and no one understands.
Depression is having scars on your thighs and arms,
Scars from the battle you fought.
Depression is having sleepless nights,
Depression is shouting for help,
But no one hears you.
Depression is fighting demons deep
inside you.
Depression is not something to laugh at,                                    
So grow up if you think depression is just an act,
Depression is something serious.
 Dec 2017 Stand in the rain
I need something to take my mind off this anger
this constant pull of
***** you
what the hell did you expect
I'm mad at you
but I can't let you know
I need something to ****
I need something to crush
I need something other than my own skin to split
You've made it clear
that I'm a big fat
Now I need something to take away
this anger
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