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nvly Jun 2018
sometimes you need to let go,
it hurts, I know
but that's life,
and it's not okay.

I don't want to comfort you with lies
say it's okay and makes you smile,
I would rather hurt you with truth and let you cry
because that will help you continues for miles

cry if you want to
let the tears out, that makes us two
I slit my arms and that's not for you
don't hurt yourself, you'll make it through
nvly May 2018
I liked you, I stopped
you then liked me, I reject
you asked me again, still no
but now, I like you but it's too late.
nvly Apr 2018
What is it like to be the moon?
To be asleep during the noon
To be awake during the night
Watching matters sleeping tight

What is it like to be the sun?
To watch the mothers scolding their son
To be one of the stars
To see matter living the day by far

What is it like to be a rose?
Hated by some, but loved by most
Pretty by eyes, pain to hold
Giving to matters when things got cold
nvly Apr 2018
Waking up feels like a zombie
walking slowly thinking what can **** me,
will it be a rope that hanging from the tree,
or should I dive myself into the sea?

I try to see the light within me
but, sadly I'm just nobody
looking out what path is easy
but guess what? It's me, the invincible girl that can't be seen.

Hello, Hello? Can you hear me?
I find the door written happiness, will you give it to me?
I'm screaming for help, why can't you hear me?
Oh wait, I'm just that pathetic girl begging on her knees.
nvly Mar 2018
You were once my star and you’ll always be
I hate to say this as I fear
Fear of love, Fear of life
Fear of everything you remind me of

You once gave me the light
But now you’re gone, You shine so bright
You’re now a star within the sky
Looking down with those wonderful smile

You must’ve suffered a lot behind those smile
You must’ve cry a lot during the nights
Pretend to be happy for those in needs
While you succeed to hide your emotion beneath

I’m so sorry I can’t be there
When you’re in need I am nowhere
I wish I knew that you’re hurting
Because it’s hard to know that you’re suffering, alone

Please be happy when you’re on your way
Way to the most beautiful place
With No regret or tears on face
Because you deserve it all the way.

You must’ve been so tired with all your hard works
You can rest now, you’ll no longer hurt
Be happy from above
Because that’s what we want as a shawol.
This is an poem dedicated to Kim Jonghyun, the most kindest person who once live in this cruel world. Now he’s our angel from above. Please rest well Jonghyun, you did well, you did great and im really proud of you :).

— The End —