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Dec 2018 · 135
Short Three
Stephen Dec 2018
Everyone is damaging
Each other
Or themselves
Hoping to catch a glimpse
Not of blood or bone or pain
But of some form of truth
A hint
As to why we are here
And what we are supposed to do

Some do so much damage
That the damage
Becomes the answer
Instead of the question
Stephen Dec 2018
Blue and yellow both want to meet
Without ever turning green.
Each expects the other to defy nature's law.
Yellow wants more yellow,
Blue wants more blue.
When green is inevitably produced,
Both are disappointed.
Everyone wants someone to complete them,
Almost no one wants to complete someone else.
But nature's law cannot be broken:
You cannot take without giving.
The only way yellow and blue can complete each other
Is by embracing the green.
Nov 2018 · 102
Short Two
Stephen Nov 2018
The universe explodes,
And reforms
Inside each of us.
There is no such thing as singular soulmates,
For we are all tiny universes
Built from the dust of the Big Bang,
Constantly retracting into each other.
Stephen Nov 2018
The world is a gaping maw of ignorance
Filled to the brim with hatred,
Unadulterated bigotry,
And millions of eyes,
Blinded mid-lobotomy,
That self-performed procedure
That protects the subject
From any sudden understandings.
Things are not as they ought to be,
But then things never were
And never will
The world is the way it is,
And those of us who couldn’t cut into our own calculating core,
Those of us who attempted the task with a torrent of tonics
Instead of hammer and shiv,
Find ourselves wandering through a wasteland of willful
Idiots and bigoted bullies.
Try as we might to open their eyes,
Open their minds,
We fail.
Their eyes are hollow shells and dust.
Their minds are awash with religious rules, rifles, ruination,
Walls, borders, fences,
Imaginary lines drawn everywhere,
Over everything,
And their brains are protected from learning anything new
Or different
By miles of scar tissue and an overabundance of barnacles.
So that leaves the rest of us,
The ones with eyes open, minds primed and wide,
Lost in a world of people who will never understand,
Never let real freedom ring,
Never erase the imaginary lines they drew themselves,
Never accept that everything they believe
Is preposterously perverse.
The more we try to spread the truth,
Attempt to put an end to the primitive procedure of self inflicted
The more they try to stomp us out,
Extinguish our flames,
Burn us to the ground.
But we continue to fight, to bleed, to die.
Sometimes because we still have hope that things can and will
Get better.
But more often than not,
We fight on because it's the only thing that keeps us
From picking up that ice-pick ourselves and becoming
Another one of the mindless masses.
Nov 2018 · 81
Short One
Stephen Nov 2018
I don't know how to write
The words that will end the war,
So the battle rages on,
And the soldiers don't even realize,
They could have been saved,
If only I could think straight.
Nov 2018 · 116
Voltage Over Current
Stephen Nov 2018
Water and loose gravel
Tumble down mountains.
Stems, leaves, and branches
Grow toward the sun
And sway with the breeze.
Stalactites form and drip,
While stalagmites grow below.
When lava has nowhere else to go,
It bursts through the surface of the earth.
The planets spin and turn,
The stars burn and send light flying,
The ocean spits out dead things.
Objects in motion continue moving forward
Everything in nature
Follows the path of least resistance
Including mankind.
Every path was forged,
Every rail road was built,
Every highway was paved
Because it was easier than the alternative.
Every skyscraper went up,
Every paycheck went down,
Every war was fought
Because it was easier than the alternative.
Imaginary lines were drawn,
Around everyone and everything,
And we learned to believe they were real
Because it was easier than the alternative.
We followed the path of least resistance
And now everything is easy.
Being so poor that you can’t afford food is easy.
Living with disease and cancer,
Rotting from the inside out
Because you can’t afford to go to the hospital is easy.
Getting bullied, harassed, and beaten
Because you act or look different is easy.
Getting ***** without ever seeing
A shred of justice or remorse is easy.
Being gunned down by the very people
Who promised to serve and protect you is easy.
Everything in nature
Follows the path of least resistance
Including mankind.
Objects in motion
Continue moving forward
Unless they are
Compelled to change direction
By an external force.
You can be the external force that changes history.  We all can.
Nov 2018 · 214
World Without End
Stephen Nov 2018
I am,
We are
The fuel for their fires,
The sugar in their coffee,
The vulcanized rubber tires
Of their impossibly pretentious transportation.
I am,
We are
The only work they do,
The grease between their gears,
And the motor that turns them,
Round and round and round we go;
When will it stop?
I am,
We are
Their commodity;
Their work force;
Their *****.
I can,
We can
Find a new master,
Find a better master,
Enjoy slavehood,
Sing and dance for them,
Spend more and get less.
I can,
We can
Never really escape,
Never be our own master,
Never break free from the tyranny
Of their master plan:
Work, to get out of debt,
Accumulate debt, because you work,
Ad infinitum.
Nov 2018 · 54
True Love
Stephen Nov 2018
How did Love,
Of all things,
Become so entangled with selfishness?
The poets used to write pages just to admire their beloved’s hair;
Now they just write lines lamenting their own unfulfilled desires.
Love used to mean
Wishing someone happiness
Wishing a wonderful life for the admired one;
But now,
Love means cursing your beloved,
Or feeling sorry for yourself,
If love is not returned.
How do we get back to real Love?
How do we get back
To admiring each other,
Caring for each other,
Wishing the best for each other?
How do we teach
(and learn)
To truly Love each other
Without requirement?
How do we teach
(and learn)
That Love,
Real, True Love
Does not ask for anything in return.
Nov 2018 · 560
Man in Cave
Stephen Nov 2018
Invents Art.

To appreciate Art.

Whole world,
Whole universe,
Is Art.

Invents God.

Man learns
To appreciate God.

Whole world,
Whole universe,
Is God,
Is Art.

Invents religion.

Learns to fear God.

Whole world,
Whole universe,
Is God,
Is Art.

Invents sin.

Art is sin.

Man forgets,
Whole world,
Whole universe,
Is Art,
Is God.

Invents hate.

To hate other man.
Other man different,
Other man never learn fear,
Other man still Artist.
Other man never learn,
Art is sin.

All men,
All people,
Are Art,
Are God.

Invents law.

To use law
As a weapon
Against other man.

Other man
All men,
All people,
Are Art,
Are God.

Other man
Invents teaching.

Other man
Teaches man,
All men,
All people,
Whole world,
Whole universe,
Is Art,
Is God.

Other man
Man too blind,
Too afraid,
To see truth;
Whole world,
Whole universe,
Is Art,
Is God.

Invents war.
Kills other man.

Refuses to learn,
Whole world,
Whole universe,
Is Art,
Is God.

And Other man
Are same.
Both are Art.
Both are God.

Invents propaganda.

Teaches man
"Other man different.
Other man bad.
Other man sin.
Be afraid,
Be very afraid."

Kills other man.

Invents self-delusion.

To believe what man was taught;
Other man scary,
Other man hates man,
Hates God.

Never realizes
Other man,
All men,
Whole world,
Whole universe,
Is God,
Is Art.

Never realizes,
He is other man,
Other man is him.
Nov 2018 · 338
Stephen Nov 2018
One night -
Of love,
Of passion.
Nine months –
Of lying,
Of pretending.
I am born,
And immediately
I am born,
And immediately
I am called
A Gift,
But I was not
I was
I am called
And though I do
My heat
Burns everything around me.
It burns me as well,
From the inside
I am called
And could I be anything else?
Born of two monsters,
(As are we all)
How could I not be
Monster as well?
But monster
Is not what I want to be.
So I read,
I learn,
I understand;
This world
Is nothing
But monsters;
Crawling everywhere;
Pretending to be benevolent,
Pretending to love and cherish and care.
But I still don’t want to be
Like them.
So I read,
I learn,
I understand;
I don’t have
To be a monster;
No one does.
But the only way to become
Anything else,
Facing the monster you are;
Finding the heat inside yourself,
Touching it,
Letting it burn you,
So you can feel
And heal
And understand.
I find my heat,
My inner monster.
I face it,
Grab it by the core,
Let it burn me until I am ash.
And then
I begin to heal
And learn
And understand.
I am no longer
But I am still
By monsters.
And they are all too afraid
To face themselves,
To see their truth,
To touch their inner fire
And let it burn.
I am
By monsters,
And their heat
Is burning everything around them,
And I am not equipped
To put out so many fires.

— The End —