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The Moon must have kissed her
—before I
and the moon must have missed her
—more than I
fore her love only came to me, in waves,
and I'd beg

for mercy

my love
my love come back to me
but she was meant for the sea
and I—
could not follow.
So in her divine love,
the love of life and light to follow
she carved out paths for me
and brackish water set us free
I would love the world
To know my poems
To create love bonds
Like never been told

Have faith in relationships
That can last forever
Through the life battleships
That can be attacked whenever

Having faith through the darkness
Curing with sweetness
That's what love partners
Do in the moments of bitterness

Problems are like puzzles
Anger is what some are used to
But I would love the world
To know my poems
To create peace bonds
Like never been told.
Youre all Ive ever strived to get, you get me more than I get myself.
You make me laugh till i cant catch my breath
You make me smile till I fall asleep then you visit me in my dreams
You are remarkable
Don’t forget it

The world
May tell you
You are not good enough
to be there

But listen to the
Little voice in your head
You don’t need the world
You have you
And your tribe
Somewhere between pain and pride,
there is a place in the heart
that chimes,
❤️forgive, everything will be alright.❤️
You promised you wouldn’t hurt me like this
You promised you would look out for me
You promised I wasn’t just a body
You promised you wouldn’t use me
You promised you’d stay
You promised you would try

You broke your promise.
The nails at the ends of my fingers
Are a different kind of blade
They aren't ice cold or sharp
But I bleed just the same

The scratches on my arms
Are from a different kind of pain
It isn't deep and firey
But the scars still remain
In my dreams you’re just as unattainable as in my waking life. But at least in my dreams I can touch you.
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