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Love is leaving me today
Love doesn't want me near the heart, for there is no space for me.
Love doesn't want us to share happiness together.Love is leaving me today.
I know that the storm came with me. Oh I know that heavy rains and floods came with me.
I know that the earthquake was my fault. I know that I drained all the earth water from the surface. I know that I made the ocean cry. I know that I made the sun give up the line that was made for it. I know that I made love forget it's name and dreams.
Love is leaving me today.
I wanna cry but no messy for me for I had my chance. I want to **** the light but I never meet darkness.
I want to fight for love but it has changed it form. I want to hold it but I can't reach it. I want to search for it but I don't have strength.
I want to cry so bad but my eyes are dry like a dessert.
Love is leaving me today.
All is gone, all is taken, all has disappeared, all is lost and love is leaving me today.
Love is leaving me today.
With love always
It's time I bury the pain with my heart.
It's time I burn the peaces of hope.
It's time I let my love become a memory.
It's time I let go for I am the past now.
It's time I let my dream die.
It time for pain and the past to be friends.

God why this way, why now and why me.
Because it's time. I have changed, I did everything for you. Yes but it's time and I am not coming back. I still need you.., you are my life, well I know but I can never come back and you know. But it's time for tomorrow to say hi and  you won't be here to see it.
It's time for your memories to be buried.
It's time for your words to be replaced.
It's time for love to love change.
It's time everything about you to be stored in one place. It's time for you to become no one. It's time you go away.
With love always....
I am not sorry that I am me. Not sorry that you got hurt because I was happy. Not sorry that you think I am a bad person. No, I am not sorry that what makes me happy is what you hate more.
Again I am not sorry that I spend more time with me than with you. Not sorry that you wish you can control me but I continue doing me.

I am not sorry that you have a dream about us but you need me to change so I can be the perfect peace. No I am not sorry that I love me. Not sorry that I can't think like you. Hell no, I am not sorry that I am a leader and I follow my self everyday. No I am not sorry that you say things about me and ask you nothing.
Not sorry that you wish to stop my dream but you know nothing about it.

I am not sorry that I didn't complete for you. I am not sorry that I work extra hours just to please me. I am not sorry that I treat my self like a king, while I am a  slave in your book. I am not sorry that your face was filled with tears, because I was quite and I didn't make a sound. I am not sorry for making all the mistakes. Not sorry that I couldn't read or understand the future. I am not sorry that I am busy with the foundation of my dream and you know nothing. I am not sorry that I keep surviving your bullets. I am not sorry that God is blessing me while you see a devil in me. I am not sorry that my dream is waking up to meet me. No I am not sorry at all that I write more stories about me than to focus on your battle with me. No I am not sorry that I am not fighting back and silence is killing you. I am not sorry at all.

With love always.
For love ,we pretend yet in pain. For love we give our self and our time yet we losing out. For love we accomodate yet we are taken forgranted. For love we support yet we are ignored. For love we pray for hope yet we are in the list of people that will be hurt.  For love we smile yet our eyes I fill with tears.

For love we travel miles just to be with Love yet love is somwhere looking not for you. For love we speak faith yet hatred is planned for us. For love we doing evrything we can yet none is done in return. For love
We **** and die but still love will not stay forever. For love we will not stop searching.
By Spherical.
I meet you without knowing who you are.
I saw your smile and i found love.
You showed me life, you even took my form and you almost forgotten that you are an angel.
You walk with me through the valley of happiness and pain. You even cried for me when I was out of tears.
You climb with me on the mountain of knowledge and I made it. Fly away my angel.

Time was with me but I failed you and you almost lost your wings. Fly my angel, fly.
Tears are my home now and happiness has chosen you, yes you can fly. Fly away my angel.
The river of love is dry now so there is no life  anymore and it's time my angel, fly and fly away my angel.
Your heart is sick, and bleeding so it can't carry my name. Fly away my angel.

I don't want to believe that you are special but time has shown me.
I treated you normal but your form has been aweken, so fly away my angel.
Everyday you gave me, you but now you gone.
Everyday you ask for love and I gave you tears so now you left.
You kissed me but love was not there n now you gone.
Fly my angel, fly and fly away.

Never change your form cause you almost lost your wings and forgotten to fly.
Never cry for the problem cause you are blessed and he has a job for you.
Never stop fighting because he gave you the blade of time.
So now fly my angel, fly and fly away.
By Spherical.
Red is yours with a smile
Red has chosen you without a fight
Red has covered your scares and showed only your beauty.
Red has given you colour but you gave it recognition.
In red with a smile

You've been searching but red was always there waiting.
You've  been changing colours with the smile but red was waiting.
You've been wishing and praying for the moon but the one from above has given you red.
You've been hoping and practising for the ocean but he gave you red.

Red is yours with a smile.
In red you look beautiful.
In black you look beautiful but red is you.
Day by day you smile n red become happy.
Red is yours to have
Red is beautiful but if it is with you.
Red is a colour but with you it become something that is extra ordinary.
In red with a smile.
By Spherical
It's been a while since I smiled.
It's been a while since love visited me.
It's been a while since pain and sadness covered me.
It's been a while since tears and anger are chaining me. Does it get better?

I believe in hope but hope has succumb to defeat. I believe in strength but it has no effect. I believe in comforting words but they have no impact. I believe in friends but they have no support. I believe in love but it is no where to found. Does it get better?
By Spherical the voice of courage.
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