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Rick Apr 15
Am I swimming? Or am I floating?
Something's changed
It's a new feeling
Once lost but now found
The breath released out of me is calmer than it ever has been
The weight of the air no longer seems to weigh me down
And the water doesn't **** me in
I stare up at the sky above and for hours I don't mind just sitting and staring
I must be floating
Rick Dec 2018
These glasses have fixed my views
And repaired my perception and my moods.
I can finally see clearly.
Not that I was ever blind
But when I stared off, far away,
I couldn't decipher the signs.
They were strange, foreign to me
I couldn't make them out.
Then I placed on an old pair of glasses
To help me see.

Presently, I stand in a home. One that is not mine own and I can see what I never could before.
I see a new life for me.
One that is filled with music art literature and history
Where I'm surrounded by nature happiness and family.
It's a new vision that these glasses have given me and I'm hopeful to make it my reality.
Rick Dec 2018
He has dug deep wounds into the sockets of my eyes
And rang sounds so horrendous that my eardrums burst to escape
Vocal cords were vandalized, relieving my vulnerability to cry
Still, some senses remain so I reach out to feel your memorable shape.
My only fear feeds on what's left of my fading corpse
That your skin be burnt or your body damaged beyond fix
And all I'll have is my last remaining force
Then I shall recall you with my lips
See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil
Rick Nov 2018
The window is open and from the sky a bright light sends an old memory of you, to me.

Layers of blankets lay scattered widely across your room, draping off your bed
Soft Yellow lights fall from the roof and shine a heavenly glow around your head
That night the moon captured two wounded strangers laying there
Whispering and laughing, allowing their secrets to be captured by the air.
Time faded away

I held onto the moon too tight
So as I sit, reflecting on the night
I notice how badly I miss those yellow lights
Rick Nov 2018
Did I fall into a void for a minute while I was thinking?
Did I suddenly disappear away from here while I was blinking?
For so long my absence has played tricks on my mind

I was living every second and yet I forgot to breath
I was totally present and yet completely unaware
I am here and there and everywhere

Where am I now? Who am I?
Have I lost all memory or worse
Have I changed?

Like the leaves in fall or the shedded skin of a snake
I leave an old safe behind in my wake.
And all I feel is fear.
  Sep 2018 Rick
In the wallowing winter night of blue
Memories, unpreventable, are you.
Slow the steady curve, a smile’s all I see
Squinty mischief eyes, love they give to me.
For cold brings forth memories of warm light
Our hearts plea the heavens, “shine bright! My plight!”
True the same is my constant thinking mind
Always back to you, searching till I find.
  Aug 2018 Rick
I walk amongst dark figures
Hair of thick woven ropes
Eyes that peer like the nervous rabbits.

Their bodies are thick cut bread
With smooth slick butter for flavor
Curves of the edges defined.

They move in suave tones
Rich in stride
Slow in gait.

Voices of a deep humming drum
That mimick fertile soil
Where chrysanthemum flowers grow.

To walk amongst these figures
Has privileged me with thought
Though no one knows my simple observation.
My perspective on the peopl I see as I walk around campus.
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