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Apr 1 · 107
Details / Lover
Naoki B Apr 1
Taking notice to every detail
Every tick
Every movement
Every second she opens those lips
Jotting in the mind not to forget
For fear
For love
For those who can’t remember
Just so when she’s gone
I’ll replay it all
From January to December
The love to always recall
And never forget her
Jan 25 · 229
Cancer / Nothing
Naoki B Jan 25
I'm unsure of what to say to you
When I visit you
You ask what I'm up to
Nothing, you're dying
I visit you again
You'd ask again
Nothing, you're dying
And it grows in stages
I'd leave and come back
You'd ask me every time
But it's nothing because you're dying
And I can't take it I just can't
I just don't know what to say
It's nothing, you're gonna die
And we just have to act like it's okay
Jan 23 · 123
Vos / Amo
Naoki B Jan 23
I don't need to make sense of this
To think deeper would be wasting time
Because frankly I've never felt so compelled
To love someone as much as you
And my mind may want to be safe
But my heart wants salvation
So please, come my way
Jan 23 · 199
Truth / Hurts
Naoki B Jan 23
To be honest
That’s what you say
When the worse is to come
At this point
Just lie to me
I’ll just play dumb
Jan 22 · 122
Insomnia / Weighted
Naoki B Jan 22
Funny how
The only luggage
I’ve ever carried
Was under my eyes
This whole time
Jan 22 · 263
Sleepless / Family
Naoki B Jan 22
It's another night
I couldn't sleep
But your surface is cold
Soothing the skin
Shutting my eyes
You'd tell me to stop crying
Be brave
Even when you're dying
But not when you're gone
And I lying next to your grave
Jan 22 · 83
Him / You
Naoki B Jan 22
You used to love someone
Here I am picking up
The pieces from you both
And I cry for you
Because every piece is a memory
To what made you love him
Jan 19 · 147
Texting / Feeling
Naoki B Jan 19
I ******* hate texting
Because I can’t tell
What you’re wanting from me
Your words carried a hidden messaging
Jan 15 · 95
Life / Death
Naoki B Jan 15
To glorify death
I think it’s strange
It’s as if you died before
Like you just know the feeling
Though you’ve never died fortunately
And frankly
This is the reality
With the only thing you’ve done
Is live a life and for you
It’s still not over
So I ask you to not make death a pursuit
It will come with short notice
The best that you can do
Is live a life full of glory till death
That much, can be true
Death is not pretty, it is not forgiving, it is not a means for solving a temporary problem.
Jan 10 · 113
Harvested / Feelings
Naoki B Jan 10
I’ve begun to distance myself from you, my apologies for the sudden feelings I’ve finally harvested, but I’ll let you know that I’ve raised these crops for a while, deciding whether it’s best to do it sooner or later, my harvest was by your design, the choices you made, the life you led, the seeds you planted, and I was always there to just water them and watch them grow with every new move you made, but it wasn’t easy and my blade that would sift through these thoughts has become dull, regardless of my trials I’m satisfied and I will eat with my loved ones and talk of how you’re gone and the end result was bountiful
Jan 10 · 429
Teacher / Student
Naoki B Jan 10
Oh you fly around
Watching me
Waiting for my mistakes
Noises you make
Reminding me
My imminent failure
Dec 2018 · 226
Faith / Future
Naoki B Dec 2018
It's hard to not smile around you
Like I always lived happily ever after
No matter what we'd do
So to the future and us together
Having faith we'll love each other through
And through
Dec 2018 · 103
Ghost / Truth
Naoki B Dec 2018
I feel so distant from you
You feel it too
So why act as if there’s nothing we can do
But I guess that’s the point
You were always terrible at telling the truth
Dec 2018 · 104
Prayer / Consequences
Naoki B Dec 2018
The women circle the man
Prayers to a sinner, the one who is ******
Who's hunched to a blade half-mast
Now time is nothing but a glass of sand
So he prays to God asking for mercy at last
Dec 2018 · 181
Power / Religion
Naoki B Dec 2018
Gifts of belief, the fuel for power
Old men bicker while the young suffer
Defiled minds march their society to slaughter
Dec 2018 · 139
Strong / Mother
Naoki B Dec 2018
I called her righteous
Bold she fought for justice
And her mind always
Thinking what was right for us
From stormy nights and bright days
A person who loved all who came
Mother served God, in every way
Dec 2018 · 368
Mornings / Us
Naoki B Dec 2018
In bed with arms around you
My nose nuzzled to your hair
Embraced to all you bare
Minutes endless to spare
We don’t want to get up
Our bodies are a pair
Dec 2018 · 101
Mine / Yours
Naoki B Dec 2018
I can’t tell you how to feel
It’d be wrong
You wouldn’t be real
Dec 2018 · 214
Reality / Delusional
Naoki B Dec 2018
Reality isn’t yours to rip apart
And turns out you’re living a fairy tale
Trying to fix and lie just for wounds to scar
Yet your mind is just too frail
And the world around you it will swallow
You whole and you won’t taste stale
For you’ll survive or die alone
That’s the only life you’ll tell
Dec 2018 · 170
Normal / Different
Naoki B Dec 2018
You never understood me
And that’s okay
Because you trusted me at least
Well that’s what you say

Turns out I understood you
Maybe almost too much
Because I’m not normal
I’m just too out of touch
Dec 2018 · 416
Together / Support
Naoki B Dec 2018
I’ve kept a collection of our time together
Like the long nights talking
Through storming weather
Tears that you shed sleeping
Thinking about your dying mother
Even the stares you give, I’ll always relive
So with the feelings you foster
It shows how much you endeavor
And I’m so happy to have loved you too
Even through the weather
I stood behind, ready to catch you
Dec 2018 · 358
Loss / Late
Naoki B Dec 2018
Sometimes I have trouble
Feeling gratitude
Appreciating all you do
But it was only until you were gone
I needed what you’ve done
Dec 2018 · 83
Faceless / Dream
Naoki B Dec 2018
From when I was little a dream I've had,
I sat at a green hill
Towards the bottom a river ran
It was sunset, the warm orange has its fill
This repeated, no change not a glance but still
And every time she's there too
Sitting next to me, as we always do

I never see her face, she has none to see
A pale white surface, nothing to be
Terrified, yes, but comforted with glee
I ask her who she is, no response obviously
So I felt foolish, she has no face
But a pale white surface

Yet I'm attached to her by will
At that a love that's begun to dwell
That could for once, make my heart swell
So I'll call you faceless, the dream that quells
My reoccurring dream that never ended.
Dec 2018 · 31
Abuse / Relationship
Naoki B Dec 2018
So much I want to say to you,
Such little time you will give me too,
To no surprise it's something you'll always do,

I've bit my tongue, clenched my fists,
Nails in my palms, it digs to my wrists,

My patience, almost gone,
One false move, I hope to God,
You'll pray for all that you've done.
Dec 2018 · 31
Naoki B Dec 2018
My bones ache, rotting in bed
Little nerves shake, get up instead
The heart seems calm, quells the quake
But underneath this sprawl, my minds at stake
Disparity it talks, it plans my fall
But it’s mistaken, I’ve planned this all.
Dec 2018 · 341
Death / Peace
Naoki B Dec 2018
I don’t see death as eloquence
Nor a romantic benevolence

But then why do I stand by the window
Hopeful for it’s grand entrance
I am not in love with it though

Yet it bears a striking resemblance
Peace, ones ironic sentiments
Nov 2018 · 45
Emotions / Detached
Naoki B Nov 2018
Wishing the heart
Wasn’t so cold
How barron, its soul
It’d not rip a part
Wondering, why
As it already died
Right from the start
Nov 2018 · 47
Break / Connect
Naoki B Nov 2018
My thoughts, scattered
The nights, endless
A smile, tattered
And you, mattered
Nov 2018 · 30
Endless / Nights
Naoki B Nov 2018
Eyes at the ceiling,
with the covers over me,
a warm body,
though a cold soul,
Just another night alone,
to rust and wither my bones.
Nov 2018 · 416
Trust / Worthy
Naoki B Nov 2018
A question I asked you that night,
that of something important,
but not something of your time.
You'd repeat it,
I'd listen,
your eyes recede,
My hands would beckon,
what purpose was love for us,
for that moment of trust,
was to believe you're distant.
To accept that,
was maybe more important.
Nov 2018 · 237
Time / Us
Naoki B Nov 2018
You would not waiver,
The soul you wouldn’t cater.
With a sword in mouth to brandish,
And with fire eyes,
You’re all but skittish.
Such presence brought time to halt,
Though my heart also,
You unknowingly caught.
Oct 2018 · 48
Child / Unknown
Naoki B Oct 2018
So genuine you are
With sleeves of truth
Though naive at start
Your recklessness is youth

Oh I envy you
Yet I fear for you
To not know the world
The adult couldn’t do
I envy the curiosity of children, for they know nothing of fear.
Oct 2018 · 60
Slowly / Inevitable
Naoki B Oct 2018
Little it was, dying you were,
The monster grew without stir,
Up the notches of your spine,
Scattered across your mind,
Fickle like time,
And soon,
It'll call you "mine".
The chilling reality, I hate cancer.
Oct 2018 · 57
Summer / Fall
Naoki B Oct 2018
Remembering vaguely,
Stood at the side of a street,
Looking at the horizon of sunset.
The smell of grass that bled,
And a warm wind passing through.
A child’s memory subdued.
Oct 2018 · 164
Moments / Brother
Naoki B Oct 2018
I remember you crying at bedside,
Because a guy treated you with lies,
And I sitting next to you while you covered your eyes.

I'd ask if you're all right, wrongly knowing the obvious.
You'd look at me with red pools, and me looking oblivious.

At that moment of your attention,
We both grinned, and then laughed full of affection.

I was about to ask what I could do to help, but I didn't bother.
The best medicine for you, was us being together.
I've always had the notion that situations cannot easily be complimented by saying things will be okay, but rather being there for the person as a body and soul to connect to.
Oct 2018 · 107
Distance / Peace
Naoki B Oct 2018
Shelter the innocent, fear in eyes of men.
Prayer for peaceful moments,
As rubble crowds within.
How terror easily resides,
And yet at distance,
It's nothing but headlines.
Oct 2018 · 148
Aging / Dementia
Naoki B Oct 2018
I’m concerned you’ll forget everything we ever were.
For what was already lacked,
For what we could only salvage from the dirt.
Everything erased from you in an instant as Gods finger snapped.
Oct 2018 · 164
Tunnel / Light
Naoki B Oct 2018
You held my hands gently,
smoothing the calluses with worry.
Wondering how, imagining when hardship will thin.
Soon I say, someday,
We'll live in peace again.
Oct 2018 · 65
Family / Religion
Naoki B Oct 2018
I heard voices by a forest,
A concerned mother made to mess.
The bells sound a reminder,
Priests crowd to mutter.
The smell of smoke rots the roots,
Distilled mind made to food.
Mother weeps to her martyr,
Burned with trees in sorry to father,
My body made to offer.
Oct 2018 · 88
Torture / Love
Naoki B Oct 2018
I’d hope for you some peace,
Though trouble you could not resist.
Would you look my way at least,
Your cold shoulders have made it hard to exist.
I'm new to this community, I was moved by some of the pieces I've read when first visiting this website and I'd like somewhere to display my thoughts and experiences.

— The End —