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Naoki B Jan 25
I'm unsure of what to say to you
When I visit you
You ask what I'm up to
Nothing, you're dying
I visit you again
You'd ask again
Nothing, you're dying
And it grows in stages
I'd leave and come back
You'd ask me every time
But it's nothing because you're dying
And I can't take it I just can't
I just don't know what to say
It's nothing, you're gonna die
And we just have to act like it's okay
Naoki B Jan 23
I don't need to make sense of this
To think deeper would be wasting time
Because frankly I've never felt so compelled
To love someone as much as you
And my mind may want to be safe
But my heart wants salvation
So please, come my way
Naoki B Jan 23
To be honest
That’s what you say
When the worse is to come
At this point
Just lie to me
I’ll just play dumb
Naoki B Jan 22
Funny how
The only luggage
I’ve ever carried
Was under my eyes
This whole time
Naoki B Jan 22
It's another night
I couldn't sleep
But your surface is cold
Soothing the skin
Shutting my eyes
You'd tell me to stop crying
Be brave
Even when you're dying
But not when you're gone
And I lying next to your grave
Naoki B Jan 22
You used to love someone
Here I am picking up
The pieces from you both
And I cry for you
Because every piece is a memory
To what made you love him
Naoki B Jan 19
I ******* hate texting
Because I can’t tell
What you’re wanting from me
Your words carried a hidden messaging
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