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 Nov 2020 Sadia
Toya the Ruthless
Leaves crunch around, the wind blows hard.
The trees shudder slightly as we rhythmically step.
Brown and gold colors catch our eyes.
I turn around, your eyes inviting and deep.
I am so thankful that beauty is everywhere
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 Sep 2020 Sadia
Forever Mine
 Sep 2020 Sadia
As the sun sets,
Your eyes sparkle like shimmering lights;
Your hair is like the midnight sky.
You turn and show me your love,
And that's when I know your forever mine
 Oct 2017 Sadia
Alaina Hammond
With the thought of him she can escape the meaningless life she lives.
But really, she doesn't feel like she is living at all.
As you see the stars twinkle in her eyes, you can tell she doesn't belong here.
Yet here he is making her beleive that she not only belongs here, but she belongs here to be with him.
Every simple touch, is filled with compassion, intimacy she can't resist.
It tends to drive her mad in the sanest of ways.
His remarkable brown eyes look at her tenderly with such love in them.
Gazing back at him, she can see her future just infront of her.
This feeling is scary, adventurous.
She is the girl always stuck in her own mind.
Daydreaming, running from reality itself.
As he is the boy that sees everything for what it truely is, but has so much hope all at once.
She was losing her mind before he came along, and now she's losing herself in him.
He saved her from herself.
The truth lies in between her lips.
She is so incredibly in love with him.
 Aug 2017 Sadia
jay may
The room wore darkness and he fit right in. His voice was cold and that's how they all knew of him.  He was lost and didn't know where he was going. All he knew was life was not much to him.  People feared the way he looked even down to his grin.  Then she came along and enjoyed the way his nosed was smushed and that his voice was like smoke exhaling from within.  She was the moon that little up his dark sky,  she was the reason his stars came back to life.  She gave him a purpose and for that he was great full,  the towns people become to understand he was a good hearted man for he was so faithful.  It only takes one to relise your light just to make you understand you can outshine any darkness,  even in the deapth of the night.
 Aug 2017 Sadia
Missing them.
 Aug 2017 Sadia
If missing you was an art
I’d be Van Gogh and you’d be “Sorrow”
Missing you comes in droplets
and tonight I’m drowning
in your Pacific Ocean
On nights like these
I wonder if I will ever
learn from the trees
how to stop missing
the leaves
that have
I do love you, but I can't have you.
 Jun 2017 Sadia
AK Bright
What is it that holds the oceans back
or makes the flowers bloom
what is it that hangs with precision the sun
and makes it to chase the moon

What is it that makes us savor love
and makes our minds to dream
what gives a baby his first breath
and just the right air to breathe

What makes us long for something more
Contentment, a school boy's crush
We chase it around 'til we think it's cornered
But it always escapes in a rush

We're all searching for something deeper
Something beyond our mortal power
We won't find it in our vices
Or atop the Ivory Tower

I found the answers in eternal hope
And everything unseen
My treasures lie on the other side
This life is but a dream
 May 2017 Sadia
That Night
 May 2017 Sadia
Our eyes met and in an instant
I was falling right into your embrace
Slowly, falling gently
Until all I could see was a blurry face.
With waves crashing in the background
We moved to the rhythm of the stars
You took me to heights I never knew existed
I melted right into your arms.
Our hearts beat faster, with every ******
Beads of sweat forming - every drop filled with lust.
All memories erased, all thoughts receding
I rose higher and higher, my control fleeting.
And just when I thought it would last forever
I came crashing back down
Heaving, panting, breathing a sigh of pure pleasure
I’m already lost thinking of our next round. ;)
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