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Maria Francine Nov 2018
I gave you all the love I had to give you
And you broke me into a thousand pieces

Don't take the last of what I am
I gave you eight years
Please don't take another day
I don't want to know what you came to be without me
I'll remember you the way you were
I can only miss the old you
I found this poem from a few months ago. It seemed like it belonged here.
Maria Francine Aug 2016
I'm waiting here all alone.
I thought I’d always be a part of you,
Without you I feel so fragile.
If only you’d set me free,
I would fly far far away,
To a better life than the one I have now.
I’m on a low
And you don’t seem to want to know.
Vacant stares, closed doors, empty promises,
I’m struggling to remember what we used to have.
All I know is it was good enough for me to build my life around you.
So maybe I will disappear in the night,
I don’t think you will notice.

© Maria Francine
Maria Francine Oct 2015
Maybe there is another way
We can make this work
I will live for love tomorrow
Because there are only dreams today
I fall into your empty embrace
All alone...
Whilst you consume all my thoughts

© Maria Francine
love tomorrow
Maria Francine Oct 2015
I need to open the window
To hear the sounds of the night,
Anything but the thoughts in my head.
The last thing I want on my mind is you,
But you're always there
In that place between awake and asleep
And there is nothing I can do to stop it.*

© Maria Francine
Maria Francine Sep 2015
I’m scared to go to sleep
In case the last thing on my mind is you.
I don’t want to miss you anymore.
I should have never thought
That we would be happy.
I fixed the things you said were broken
But all that is left
Is my love for you
That still is not returned.*

© Maria Francine
Maria Francine Sep 2015
Alone but not apart,
A single beating for two different hearts.
If I find a way to you,
I will feel the way I used to.*

© Maria Francine
Maria Francine Sep 2015
I am still awake,
Thinking of the sheer nothingness of life
I fear I am going to dig myself
Further and further                            
From a rut even I can't escape from.   

Every day,                                                    
I still feel like running.                      
  But what if I am sad there too?

I remind myself,
Again and again          
Of how I used to be enticed      
By this freedom I now have            
But I'm struggling to feel that way again
And I can slowly feel myself
Rotting away...

For now I'll have to close my eyes,
Dream dreams that will help me forget:

It means absolutely nothing.

© Maria Francine
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