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Pedro Batista Apr 2018
Hello my dear friend
You don't know me
But I know you too well
And I have things I need to tell

I have never met you, it is true
I have never had a chance to be with you
And I would really like to shake your hand
I think that you can understand

When life decided to get grim
When stress didn't let me rest
When I was alone and depressed
I had you, my far away friend

And I hope I can keep what I learned
Use it in my future projects
That I would love you to experience
And tear them apart with coherence

And you may feel like just another man
Humbleness is a real gift, my friend
But around the world, you changed so many lives
Brought joy to so many dark nights
Thank you for always being so kind

In your own cynical way
You eased so much pain
The TotalBiscuit aka John Bain situation scared me, I watched his content during some hard times, made me smile
Pedro Batista Apr 2018
Floating slowly in space
Watching Earth from a million miles away
Waiting for the air to just fade
And all I can think is if she is okay

A fearful smile overtakes my face
As fear overcomes the pain
The less I care where I stay
All I want is for her to be okay

I hope she ainĀ“t feeling the same
Cause this pain is making me insane
All I want is for her to enjoy her day
To smile and wave on a warm summer day

I hope I have told you everything you deserve
And even if so ill regret not saying more
I will never feel like I told you all
Words can't describe what truly is love

Please don't cry as I float away
All I want is for you to be okay
It's what pushes me through the day
Back on Earth or here in space
The feeling will always be the same
No matter how many miles away

Is this what love feels like
Even as the air runs dry and the fear goes wild
All I can think is about her smile
An astronaut lost in space, saying a final farewell to his love back in Earth
Pedro Batista Sep 2017
You can put every fake smile in the world
And it would never hide what goes in your soul
And from the most humble faces
Comes light for the darkest of places

It isn't always black and white
The way sadness affects the mind
Some hide it to show strength
Others show to ask for dependence

But it's a blend of both that wins in the end
For strength comes with a learning curve
For whom help is a trusty friend
If you can keep it balanced in the end
A little something
Pedro Batista Aug 2017
The red sun shines high
The grey clouds hide the blue sky
As the heatwave rides the winds
And the common man sweats with the heat

The fighters run in a rush
homeless or home savers
asking for a divine favor
sweating with fear and a day of labor

The culprits sneak in the woods
with the firestarters under their hoods
dreaming of the money they took
sweating with the guilt of a crook

different sweats, with different flavors
they reflect the lives of different morals
and even belonging to dead men memorials
The view from the afternoon , on a country that is burning
Pedro Batista Jul 2017
I see you're feeling down again
And no one in the world can understand
You may not mean the world to me
But I assure there is still a world for you to see

Tell me where it burns
The scars of what was once told
The memories that haunt your days
The sleepless nights you fill with rage
Why do you give them the attention they seek
Those memories are only there to haunt your dreams
To make a windmill out of your mind
Mowing away the sanity inside

You may not mean the world to me
But I have been there and I know what you see
I know how the numbness feels right
But you need to face the pain to shine bright

The numbness tucks you in
And invites you to an endless sleep
Until you sleep eternaly

Embrace the pain that makes you grow
Look forward and go with the flow
And if the light dims again
Just prepare for one more journey ahead

The journey will never be easy
The journey will always feel hard
But when you fulfill it my friend
You will feel like a shinning star

And if you fall down again
Learn with what you lost and walk instead
There's always something in life worth your time
So don't give up on it while blind
For all those who fell in the void and struggle to win motivation to get out
Pedro Batista Jul 2017
You always wanted to fly, my friend
And you finally had your own chance

You looked above
And saw what would take you
Take you away from this planet Earth

And oh, how did you smile
Naive, young and wild
Like the innocence of a young child

One could taste the joy
Of seeing this young man fill his void

But what did you really hide
There isn't a smile
That can hide your real light
And how dark it now shines

You were fed up by the routines
Fed up by the doctrines
Fed up by the lost dreams
You just wanted to fly away
Run away from your misdeeds

Leave behind all the pain
Start a new life in an unknown place
Press the reset button on your disgrace

Leave behind all the worlds built for two
But where one really just stood
So many times you miscalculated what felt true

So fly
Fly away
To an unknown place
So you can escape from yesterday

So fly
Fly away
See the earth shrink in your gaze
And look forward to the deep space

Leave the world
Where you felt ignored
And prepare for your new place
3 am poems of a sleepless night
Pedro Batista Jul 2017
Sometimes we ask ourselves,
What do we have
Even though we have so much
It comes the feeling that we have nothing at all

We pretend or create something wrong
We find problems where there's nothing at all
Like we can't accept happiness and need a challenge
Like we need something to surpass and create malice

I ask myself, why I do this so much
I do this a whole bunch
When everything is right something needs to be wrong
I need an excuse to make me feel strong

Maybe I just don't feel comfortable with happiness
Or I feel like I need stories to tell near my death
Or maybe I just grew fond of loneliness

I am at the bonfire resting carelessly
Just finding a reason to dim the light
So I can start a new journey, a new fight
Late night thoughts
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