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SP Allan May 2018
A minister died today.
The flags were raised at half mast;
"National mourning" they said!!

They say his liver failed!
BUT It must be those expensive liquors
they consume at state dinners.
Oh! The thoughts of my wicked heart.
Its been the talk of the nation.
The papers are awash
with tributes to the so- called minister.  

But who speaks of the *** victims?
The ones that left us with orphans
as a result of his greed?
Money meant for their health,
instead he built a plush residence.
But talk of the minister
and the loss we have had as a nation!
Good riddance I say!
"For a little while at least..."
Its not liquor speaking  
My heart abhors strong juices.
A smoothie or porridge, that I can handle.  
I am sober in every sense!                

But why should I care?
After-all this nation is on the right track!
or so we have been made to think?
But Let me not meddle in the affairs of generals.
After all we have the most considerate politicians
Oh! We have a father for a president.
SP Allan Apr 2018
.Only the sheets know the tears you have shade.
The night alone bears witness to your silent sobs.
Of pain and suffering you’ve had your share.

Loneliness is where you dwell.
Of whether it was at all worth the sacrifice you cannot tell.
The world doesn’t understand your toil
And neither will they appreciate what you have lost.
Yet amidst all this, you are not really alone.
It’s the prayers of those that care that sustain you.
Like an invisible hand they light the path ahead.
SP Allan Apr 2018
A history painted in tears
With shades of blood
Tales of sacrifice told  
Under unclear night skies
A life given that we could live
A people forsaken  
Their dreams our reality
SP Allan Apr 2018
Beautiful faces full of color
beneath lie haunting stories
images shunned by the world
carefully wrapped in maquillage.

They learnt the hard way,
The world cared not for their plight
So they mastered the art of concealing.
Pain wrapped in smiles.

Beautiful people full of fire
A passion that cannot be quenched
mountains became roads before them.
The foe crumbles in their wake.
SP Allan Mar 2018
In the dungeons of hell
When I was held captive  
A prisoner of war
I found a safe place,
In you
You were the reason I kept living  

Night after night  
They tormented me
Looking for a weakness
The blurry image of your morning smile  
Was the anchor onto which I clung  
I found love in war
It was you.
For the people of s.sudan and syria. is there a possibility of finding love in war?
SP Allan Mar 2018
Wishes turned into prayer
As dreams Faded into the night
And memories became song,
A soulful sound.  

In the night where meaning can’t be found,  
She was the star that decorated him
He was a burning wildfire  
And She,  a flood that tamed him.  

He was a raging storm  
And she, the rainbow that lit hope  
In his roaring anger  
She was the voice that prayed calm
Where would he be without her!

He became the ocean
But his relevance and beauty
Were found in her beaches and bays  
He became the desert  
But emphasis was placed on her oasis
He is good but he is best with her.

They were a mystery unsolved.  
Two opposite forces,  
yet they had so much in common!
She was his perfection. A crown jewel.
SP Allan Mar 2018
When you find yourself
In an empty street
I will ride in the night
To find you
I will wrap my arms
Around you
And let you know that
I am here.

Under this night sky
On these empty streets
all we have is us
And the dreams we hold
I will be your light  
In your darkness
And you
The oxygen to ignite  
my fire

— The End —