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Soul Eater Jan 2015
Child smiling so softly
Sky brimming so brightly
Gazing forever upward
Running forever forward
Feel the wind blow
As hope begins to grow
Never show fear
Shout out with cheer
As the world smiled
They have finally found a Starchild.
I create these poems myself on YouTube. The poem is both based off of the music and the picture. The original can be found here
Soul Eater Dec 2014
Gaze up, my fellow warriors
Tonight, we will be victorious
Your strength alone shall carry
The weak and the wary
We shall fight together
Through whatever weather
We seek total conquest
Never take defeat content
Fight to your last breath
Afraid not of death
Watch as the enemies unfurl
For we are fighting for Skyworld! Original source and inspiration for the poem. I solely write these on YouTube in the comments of these OST's
Soul Eater Dec 2014
Shivering alone in her room
Filled with despair and gloom
Shouts of anger heard through the house
All of her emotions, roused
Never escaping her tears
Cries on deaf ears
Alone she shall dwell
Forced to say Farewell Original source/Inspiration for the poem. I write these on my YouTube in the comments of the video.
Soul Eater Sep 2014
Snowflakes dance in the air
Loneliness, unable to bear
Kin thought nothing of me
All others hide and flee
Such exception appeared
All inner fear, cleared
Standing together
Breaking my mental tether
Fur the color of an angel
Strong and faithful
All that I can never be
Mere presence fills me with glee
Running towards the morrow
To once again find my Hero Original source and inspiration for the poem. I write these myself.
Soul Eater Sep 2014
The graceful wings of the warrior
Seen as the greatest quarrier
The end of our sorrow
Flies toward the morrow
The enemies anger
Bright as amber
She walks calmly
Determination upon her face firmly
Removing the pain and wrath
From our gentle path
Through her journey that is painful
She will stand as our Archangel Original source and inspiration for the poem. I write these myself based off of the OST.
Soul Eater Sep 2014
Wide smile set upon her face
Swinging around her violin case
Sun slowly setting before the girl
Feeling the need to twirl
Elegant hair dancing in the wind
Innocent and kind
Flocks of birds surround
Wanting to hear the violins sound
Her mind in blissful Eden
She finally can Feel The Freedom Original Source and inspiration for the poem. I write these myself on YouTube.
Soul Eater Sep 2014
Shattered pieces of earth collide
Stands one man of perfect stride
Grasps the numerous weapons
Power unmatched by hell or heaven's
Neither God nor Demon
Fighting for no particular reason
Defeat all that stand before
To him, no more than a chore
No enemy beyond his ken
For he has the Strength Of A Thousand Men. Original Poem Source. (I write these poems on YouTube before i put them on Hello Poetry)
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