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Wolfatheart Jun 2019
Shadows lurk
Shadows hide
Not always being
On the outside

Shadows can steal
Your force to strive
Shadows can steal
Your wish to be alive

Shadows can lurk
Deep in your head
Or loom upon walls
Above your bed

Shadows can take over
The outside at night,
But can shadows take
Your inside sometimes
... sometimes
Wolfatheart Jun 2019
demons can reisde in parts of your mind,
hidden beneath shadows and thoughts to intertwined.
You may not even know until its too late,
struggling with the crawling, nagging feeling nothing's right

Struggling with the darkest part in your brain
Telling you to do it, but you must refrain
You know you don't want to but you have to believe
One day the demons just have to leave

....don't they?
  Jun 2019 Wolfatheart
please love yourself,
always cherish yourself.
see value in yourself,
don’t hate yourself.
never attack yourself,
you’re never by yourself
so please love yourself,
don’t be like me.
i want you to love yourself. i see so much in you. don’t be like me, don’t give up.
  Jun 2019 Wolfatheart
Take me to the clouds,
give my wings reason.
The air through my hair
gives me meaning again.
The world cast below me,
I admire this view.
Please take me so high,
give my soul flight.
Inspired by BTS.
  Jun 2019 Wolfatheart
I glide my fingers over
The scab I didn’t mean to make
And try to convince myself
Not to make any more
  Jun 2019 Wolfatheart
Xy Shane
Some are visible
Some are hidden
Some are tamed
But most are destructive
Beware, for a monster need not to be scary
You have to fight, no time to be weary
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