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 Jul 2019 Sonu kumar
No matter how hard I try to fix what we had.
It's already too late
The damage has been done
You can't fix what's broken

Feelings fade
And he doesn't want me back.
 Jul 2019 Sonu kumar
Do you miss me ?
Maybe, he said.

Do you miss us?

Do we miss what we had?

Will you give me another chance?
 Jul 2019 Sonu kumar
You're a poison to my heart
That's slowly killing me
But it's a pain
I wouldn't mind having
If it means that I could be with you
 Jul 2019 Sonu kumar
There is a fundamental difference
between the peacock and the butterfly
Both are beautiful
Both are deserving
But when it comes down to it
One struts proudly
while the other...
quietly flutters away
 Jul 2019 Sonu kumar
 Jul 2019 Sonu kumar
The summer breeze has me thinking of you,
In the crystal dark of night.
The fireflies are imitating the stars
In their celestial and temporary dance,
Their own galaxy of the moment held dear.
And I realize that I need you closer to me,
So I can hold you. Until I have to let go.
 Jul 2019 Sonu kumar
 Jul 2019 Sonu kumar
I lived a lifetime in your eyes
before you ever said hello.
I'm not worried about our future
I've already seen it.
 Jul 2019 Sonu kumar
What a terrible thing to dream of an almost lover
To wake up in no one's arms
in the freezing cold
of your quiet room
To be reminded once again
You are alone.
 Jul 2019 Sonu kumar
 Jul 2019 Sonu kumar
I wanted you for me..
I never want to share you..
I want your life
YOUR love
And you ..
For me..
Only for me..
I didnt tell you ..
I jealous..
I know it is horrible to jealous..
But I do ..
I want you
For me ..
Only me..
You are so presios..
To me ..
Others don't know you..
They don't care.
They use you..
For they own porpoises..
That is
I wanted to protect you..
From the world..
I know ..
I know..
You don't need me.
I know ..
You don't want to be protected..
But I will do it..
For me..
Not you..
And Jack
Will help...
No ice
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