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Sonu kumar Jan 2018
In-spite of the fact
"There is a sand"
I was hoping for water
in desert to water
"The flower of love"
Sonu kumar Jan 2018
No one likes the black
No one likes the Tyro

whats difference between coal and diamond?
there is just small difference between color
cola is black while diamond is white
and world loves white over black

i am as dull as coal
i am as cheap as coal
i am as black as coal
i am as useless as coal

look deep from the heart,
the coal is even white
i know you don't need to look deep into diamond
coz is very shiny from outside

i am happy to be a coal
than to be a fake shiny diamond

what is use of that diamond,
which is just to show
At least coal is of some use
but still coal get rejection
just because it is black

I do except it's all my fault
because i am black
Sonu kumar Jan 2018
My crazy heart is saying the truth,
Don't fall in love with someone.
The optimism heart lied to me,
"she will love you one day"

The one whom I loved,
She broke my heart ,
And left me alone,
to see the the world from broken heart.

I started to lose myself in her beauty
I was intoxicated  even without drinking
One day I'll forget her
I'll erase all her symbols

I became crazy in just one moment
She is settled in my heart
She is missing in my life
She is far away from my eyes
But still i love her
Why do I love her?
i don't know why do i love her .every time she breaks my heart but stubborn heart still love her.
but this time she even started standing me  ,i don't know what happen to her, is it somewhat like even she started understanding my felling
Sonu kumar Dec 2017
Not everyone can fell everyone's pain,
Heart only fells the heart's pain,
Something happens to my heart,
When you are in pain or get hurt.

Your tear is like a  deep ocean,
when tear drops from your eye,
I feel like i am drowning,
In a deep ocean of painful tear,

My eyes smiles, when you smile,
My heart cries,when you cry,
For me your tear is like hell,
your smile gives me pleasure of  heaven.

your smile is weaker than your tear,
your smile can't hide your tear,
Not everyone can see pain behind smile,
the one who loves you truly can see.

If anyone ask me "what is hell"
I will tell about your tears,
If anyone ask me "what is heaven"
i will tell about your smile.

I know you more,
than you know about yourself,
I think about you more,
than you think about yourself,
I love you more ,
than you love yourself.
Sonu kumar Nov 2017
its impossible,
Said the pride.
You need to hide,
Said the eyes.

Its risky ,
Said the experience .
You need to forget ,
Said the memory.

Its pointless ,
Said the brain.
You need to stop thinking,
Said the dream.

Its always the heart,
Who says, let’s give a try
Sonu kumar Sep 2017
future is full of opportunity,
which is upon teachers and friends,
where teacher do all effort to train,
want us to see on the summit,
but friends interfere and never permit,
and act as a success defender.

hell and heaven are two aspects of life coin,
one of then we have to join,
yuck! one provoke for hellhole,
other make the life heavenly.

pioneer are only few,
poisoned chalice are always new,
it's tough to get a *****,
in every step we get a bog,
all depend on which one we choose.

hoo-ray!!! fortunately i got and choose,
at any cost i don't want to loose,
he is the only best for me,
who brings best in me, else non.

every second he want to see me bliss
for the he sacrifices his own happiness
in every thing he is too pefect,
that i, i cant reject, and if i had,
it would be the greatest mistake of my life.

i search same diamond in heavenly world town,
but every time my adventure broken down,
for new friendship whomever i catch,
not even a single trend match,
i feel lucky to get unique one.

i have only one diamond,
who can defeat million of demon,
whenever i think of him, i fell proud.
whom i have opt from the crowd.

i am sure i will never get another,
i wish like him for my every brother.
Sonu kumar Sep 2017
you are a murderer,
you killed the boy
that i used to be.

the boy that
used to smile
all the time,
the boy that
used to have
a lot of friend,
the boy that
used to see
in the mirror.

now he is dead,
his eyes are open,
he rarely smile,
and he does't believe
the compliment that he recives
coz he belives
that they are just trying
to make him fell better.

you are a murderer,
you killed the boy
that i used to be.
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