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  Aug 2019 Sonu kumar
She was star in my dark night
Making  my life more beautiful
  Jul 2019 Sonu kumar
From Losing the first war of love
To  never fought a war of love
  Jul 2019 Sonu kumar
Your  drop  of  love  will
even make  barren
Heart fertile
  Jul 2019 Sonu kumar
Preeti Karnwal
I can't give up hating you
that's the only way i am connected to you
hate is an emotion too....
  Jul 2019 Sonu kumar
Aslam M
Hungry Eyes.
Thirsty Lips.
Empty Soul.
I need you now
more than Ever.
  Jul 2019 Sonu kumar
Fire of heart
Never turned in words
I never told her that
That i love her
My love for her
Was hidden deep down
In my heart
I thought she will
Understand my love one day
But that day never came
  Jul 2019 Sonu kumar
Hell is far
Beautiful than you
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