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SomeOneElse Feb 2019
It's been raining all night and day
And I know just what you'll say
You won't go out when it rains
Except to hike a mountain range
But I long to be with you
Hold you tight the whole night through

I want to be your hiking trail
Or the sea on which you sail
I long to be your fairytale
Let you explore in all detail
Just want to be your hiking trail

Forecast says rain again today
So in your house you decide to stay
Won't go to parties, run errand or shop
When outside there are raindrops
When it Rains you go on strike
Cept maybe for one of your  hikes

I want to be your hiking trail
Or the sea on which you sail
I long to be your fairytale
Let you explore in all detail
Just want to be your hiking trail

Doesn't matter rain or shine
I just want to make you mine
We could go out or just stay in
Either way with you I win
I just want to be with you
To hold you tight the whole night through

So let me be your hiking trail
Or the sea on which you sail
And let me be your fairytale
To explore in all detail

I just want to be your hiking trail
My first attempt at writing a country song. Written for and inspired by a friend.
SomeOneElse Dec 2018
I had a dream I was desired
And for our bodies to perspire
With lustful passion, a wildfire
My soul and body was required

I had a dream of ecstacy
I wanted her, she wanted me
All inhibitions were set free
For one night of intimacy

I had a dream erotica
And positions exotica
Turned my bedsheets Aquatica
From such hot dreams erotica

I had a dream i was on fire
With naughty thoughts i had inspired
Instead i Dream to be desired
So tired of feeling undesired
Just how I have been feeling lately
SomeOneElse Dec 2018
-. -.  - - -   -,  .. -.  .. -  …  .   -..

Confusion’s to blame
          For all of this pain
That's inside my veins
Like a runaway train
          Or jet engine plane
It's killing my brain    

It's eating my veins
          My strength it does drain
I'm becoming lame
          And going insane
I can't take the strain
          Of all of this pain

There’s a fiery flame
           That's kept me refrained
While frying my brain

It must me contained
It must be refrained
My soul to regain
          My body to reign
And end all this pain

The answer is plain
I must stop the train
By destroying the flame

This disease I'll then mame

But this dark evil stain
          I've put too much strain
And as for the train
I still do not gain
An old poem written back in college meant to covey how i felt.
SomeOneElse Dec 2018
I'm drowning in my tears
What am I doing here
Feel like I don't belong
Wish I could fix what's wrong
I rarely feel happy
Instead  feeling ******
I don't know what to do
Afraid I'm losing you
This world can be so cruel
I'm running out of fuel
I wish I could give up
Emotions all mixed up
My soul’s about to break
Much more I cannot take
Please won't you help me friend
And make all this pain end
Just another poem about how I feel a lot
SomeOneElse Dec 2018
My life would be so much easier
Without all my emotions
To get in the way
Of my life
Contemplating how complicated my life is because of my emotions and feelings
SomeOneElse Dec 2018
I don't belong
I never did
This world's no place for me
I'm all alone
Inside my head
Waiting to be set free
I'm sick and tired
And so confused
Who is the real me
Why am I sad
Why am i down
Why do I have to be
Wish it would stop
And go away
This pain inside of me
How I currently feel
SomeOneElse Dec 2018
Is it wrong to want to die
To just give up, no longer try
Or to dwell and wonder why
I feel alone and always cry

Why am i always so sad
Always down and rarely glad
While many times everyday
For an end I often pray

Why do I still feel this way
Wish these feeling I could stray
Instead I feel like dying
Too tired from all the crying
Just how i often feel
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