Hector 4d

In the rare winter of this sun like place

your ghostly shadow did not comfort my need

for the warmth of your skin against mine,

did not sooth all my restless desires now confined

to hide deep under sheets,  to retrace

where you once laid by me, and your heat

warmed my dreams now grown cold.

Only once, maybe twice did I miss

not being held by your laugh that cascades

like a stream down my chest to my heart

where you once, maybe twice with a kiss

in heartbeats became part

of a life that now withers and fades

in this winter-less place,

where your shadow does not comfort my need

for the warmth of your skin against mine-

January 2019
“Missing you in my skin today. The heart gave up long ago.”
― Nitya Prakash
Hector 5d

Thoughts of me like morning fog

across the water disappear,

a sun of life once warm and near

now breaks apart what’s left of me

and brief my name will dissipate

like morning fog across the sea.

January 2019
“Everything started as nothing.”
― Auliq Ice
Hector Jan 11

Drunken with desire clouded

in the smoke my mouth softly exhales

between waiting lips warm and pale

first kissed by the cold, and you invite me in

for a taste of sweetness.

The tangy smell of burning dreams

finds a place in my subtle weakness

between your arms, I am lost

inside my jealous skin

where the heat you fed

to my starving soul,

but I cannot hold

when someone else’s touch

impregnated wants you carelessly tossed

all across the bed-

January 2019
“When you leave,
weary of me,
without a word I shall gently let you go.”
― Kim Sowol
Hector Jan 9

I reached inside a pocket in my heart

where words sometimes will sprout

for how I live my days without

a love that hold my hand so steady?

How lonely it gets when far apart

she stays, my bed an empty nest

of dreams which laid already

in shallow graves to rest-

January 2019
“My life had become a puzzle - its pieces scattered about like paper in the wind, with no one there to chase them but me.”
― Meredith T. Taylor, Churning Waters
Hector Dec 2018
(another old one)

A memory refreshed by every wave

with skin being kissed by every drop.

Salty taste reminiscent of soft lips

and hard kisses, to satisfy a crave

we ferociously ignited and couldn’t stop.

A memory of holding wide loving hips

weightless in soul refreshing saltwater,

sun burned unrestrained desire

became one against the grainy sand.

A memory of her surprising fire

engulfing every inch of my skin,

an image of you deeply engraved

in memories refreshed by every wave.

April 2013
“How I long to be the shore and feel your waves crash upon me over and over again.”
― Timothy Joshua Chia
Hector Dec 2018

I’m in love with love-

Beautiful lives in my heart with just a face

leaving footprints made out of words,

it is a wish without a place

that feeds my soul-

No arms to embrace and call me love

it is a rhyme I quietly stole

and read at night between my sheets

to dream of her,

a goodnight story to tuck me in

and keep me safe.

In love with love-

It’s just a face engraved within

that feeds romance and keeps me alive,

no lips to kiss, no skin to touch

it is just love-

November 2015
“If I had a flower for every time I thought of you...I could walk through my garden forever.”
― Alfred Tennyson
Hector Dec 2018

Oh how we mark time with heartbeats

and regrets of a passing old year

a recycle of life, a renewal of hope

as we learn how to be

and we cope, and we cope…

And what’s left all behind on the sand

but a set of footprints,

some are clear

and then others erased by the waves,

some alone

and then others stand

side by side with familiar imprints

of the ones dearly loved.

And in counting the beats of our hearts

we pause briefly on graves

with unfinished tombstones

and realize after all there is an end

to the struggles in life, and the pain

it bestowed on this flesh

which we carefully tend-

So let’s welcome the unknowns

and the vast possibilities, to ascertain

all the reasons to smile and to love

between every heartbeat-

And I welcome the new that will come

with the passing of years

without knowing how long it will take

for my name to be spelled on the stones,

with a smile I will face the sunrise

and grow hope in the midst of my fears-

December 28, 2017
I wrote this poem last year. I still mark time with heartbeats but 2018 brought no regrets. I conquered some fears and lived a couple of lifetime adventures. I learned about what's missing in my life and what is not and compromised between the two. I still love, live and strive with passion for there is no other place to go but forward. I refuse to feel lonely and enjoy being alone instead. 2019 can only get me closer to my journey and will be a wonderful year, because I will make it a wonderful year. Happy New Year!
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