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Solange Hooks Aug 2017
Once the sun has rested
after a long summer day
the moon warmly calls us
to come outside and play.
Like a heavy blanket
darkness covers the ground
and all the bright colors
can no longer be found.
After our supper  
the dishes are put away
we go outside to watch
a night time display.
Slowly and one by one
until its everywhere
tiny glowing lights blink
and float throughout the air.
It looks as if the stars
Came down onto the ground
To dance to silent music
and explore the world around.
Solange Hooks Aug 2017
Grim's Golden can take the pressure
when its cider that you're making,
but pies and other sweet treasures
I’d use Granny smith when baking.

when you make applesauce from scratch
use a bushel of Paula red,
for candy apples by the batch
I would use pink lady instead

Liberty will melt in your mouth
as a Butter, Jam and preserve
but a Gala grown in the south
use in a pork chop hors d'oeuvre
Solange Hooks Aug 2017
An invader has infiltrated our homes.
it lurks about seeking prey as it roams.
It’s seeping through the cracks and crevasses
inflicting chills wherever it passes.
It viciously bites our fingers and toes.
invoking the sniffles and a runny nose.
we are immobilized by its frozen touch
and left shivering and without a crutch.
However we’re not going to be defeated,
We strategically stay warm and heated.
we are uniformed in our winter attire.
and have an abundant supply of wood for fire.
We equipped blankets in every space
and have a constant roar in our fireplace
We will battle the cold until its summer time,
where the hot weather will then commit the crime
with the scorching heat it will send its attack
then we will beg for the cold to come back
Solange Hooks Aug 2017
White paper lantern
you are so light and frail
but that does not stop you
from wanting to set sail.

I fill your empty space
with my worries and regret
it does not weight you down
but it helps me forget.

A fire is lit within you
and then you start to glow.
Take my prayers with you
Its time to let you go.

I watch you float away
into the starlit sky
Which of the stars are you?
I cant identify.

God lights a fire in me
then I begin to glow
I’m filled with the holy spirit
From my head down to my toe

I am now called to rise up
and shine for all to see
so that they may grow a fire
and float alongside me

— The End —