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unnamed Feb 2018
I met the moon man
In a dark alley
He sits under the bridge and
Knows a girl named Molly

I made him promise
To take me to Moonland city
Where monsters are a myth
And everything's pretty

He said he'll take me on a trip
On his magic swirling ship
And we could fly around for a while
Beyond everything that's vile

He said there's a city on the clouds
Where there's no need for wars and doubts
And monkeys don't have money and guns there
And there are only skies , forever clear
unnamed Jan 2018
Long ago at the water's edge
As I stared at the tides
The ocean waved at me
The wind played with my hair

A thought came to me
Silly as it may sound
"How will people know
That I was here?"

So I grabbed a stick and scrawled
My name on the shore
Happy that everyone
Will remember me for sure

But the water charged at the shore
Like a bull with horns
And to my horror
My name was gone

So I stopped worrying
If I'll be remembered or not
And felt the cool breeze
The nature, untaught.

— The End —