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Sofia Nov 2019
people always ask me, "why do you wish to love? you're very young you know."

i always tell them; "you're never to young to want happiness."
Sofia Oct 2019
i am forever sad.
crying 43% of days a week.
half the days are bad.
all of them sad.
i don't know how else but to be mad.
i'm so sad that i can't be glad.
so that's my life story,
forever sad.
Sofia Oct 2019
I was trying so hard to stay alive
that I wasn't even living.
Sofia Oct 2019
its hard to smile when really all you want to do is cry.
Sofia Oct 2019
Lost in the swamps
somewhere among sadness.
Sofia Oct 2019
it was warm till the sun went down.
it could swim before it drowned.
it was happy before you made it frown.
it was me without a doubt.
Sofia Oct 2019
your beautiful,
just as usual.
A pretty girl,
just like a pearl.
Your so perfect,
your my whole world.
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