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Sofia Oct 2019
i gave you my heart.
it became lonely, cold, dead.
i never liked a girl the way i liked you.
it was new.
i didn't know what to do.
so please forgive me;
please be my boo.
Sofia Sep 2019
Don't tell me I'm wrong for wanting love.
Don't tell me not to cry over people.

If I don't love who will love me. No one.
So... Don't tell me not to love because
all I ever wanted-

was to be loved by you.
Sofia Sep 2019
The brain becomes silent when the heart speaks.
Sofia Sep 2019
A tear streaking down my face as I admired the truth about us.
We weren't a grand finale episode of Dancing With The Stars, but instead two lonely lilly-pads in the summer mist of a suburb we both call home. So natural. So elegant. Were so

happy; together.
Sofia Sep 2019
My trust falls on you like a bowling ball on a toe.
But, at least I know:

you'll go with me through
all life's struggles;
  we'll take it slow.
Sofia Sep 2019
i was sad and you let me cry on your shoulder.
i was happy and you made me happier.
i was confused and you made it clear.

i always loved you even when you hurt me.
even then-

i shoot bullets that went in deep,
and I'm still sorry, ---

you can never forgive me.
Sofia Sep 2019
We were going to talk for the first time in a while.
I doubt you will speak, I doubt you will smile.
But what do we know; we are juvenile.
I don’t want to defile,
but it went great,

Thanks for the smile.
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