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My tears are something I refuse.
You make me tired just to lite the fuse.
I guess people are like plastic,-

Easy to reuse.
Wanting to whisper my worries to you when you won't listen.
How could you hate me?
You say you could never hate me.

Does you heart hurt at the thought of hating me,
Or does it make you laugh or pleasure ti'll you cry?

Have fun hating me before there's no me to hate.
After I'm dead you will wish you would have spoke.
Talk to me now before the time runs out.
Even if you don't care because later it will give you a scare.

My eyes begin to dry as I open up my eyes,
Efface yourself if this is true; that you hate me more than I you.
I killed someone for you; me.

My heart is whats keeping me alive, but it is also whats killing me.

I’ve been stabbed many times, but you aimed for the heart.
my poems about love & dying
Sofia Hinojosa Dec 2019
it's weird how you'll talk to the one that broke you,
but you can't talk to the one you broke.
Sofia Hinojosa Nov 2019
composed of silence; a graceful heart dances.

you went to me; spoke words that weren't revolting. my heart breaking away from its old quiet ways.

the angels in heaven sang a hopeful song to cherish that a lovely day.

the next day the storm came, and washed it all away. the love, the heart, but the silence came to stay. the floodgates from down below break loose and my hearty heart heart cries in the shadows of sanctimonious.

the world ended that day. for i nor no one else expected what a vigorous storm. my hands shaking with the satin tears. fast as they fell.

the storm rushing from the floodgates of hell.
Sofia Hinojosa Nov 2019
and just like that,
my girlfriend became
an acquaintance that
shares equal feelings
for me as i do for her.
Sofia Hinojosa Nov 2019
Mine. Your finally my girl. We hold hands and touch each other all over. I put my hand in yours. That's when all the little butterflies started to get inside me, I apologize. You tell me its ok. That's when I touched you, putting my hand on your leg. I could tell you got turned on when I touched you. You take my hand in yours and that's when I realized that your really mine.
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