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Sofia Oct 2021
Do I wanna leave?
Or do I just wanna stay with you?
What’s the point of this whole thing
if I don't know what I’m gonna be?
What do I do with my life?
Where would I be without you?
Think my health’s important,
but how important could it be
if they’re shoving homework
down the throats of kids at 17?

I know I’ll regret staying in this whole thing,
but when it ends they’d all love me.
Doing it all for the wrong reasons.
Maybe one day I’ll know what’s right.
But what if it’s wrong
to leave?
What if this is what I’m meant to be
but I might come out of it dead.
Just wanna see what it’s like.
Could **** me just to save time.
It’s not worth the time if it cuts out years
of my life, due to stress.
The only reason to stay is for the "what ifs"
and nothing else, so maybe I should leave.
Not that that would be saving my mom any
But it’s whatever, I suppose.
I’m better than I used to be,
but I wasn’t built for this life.
Is it self-hatred to say I wouldn’t make it?
or is it protecting myself
from death by mental illness?

I’ll think it over, I still have some time.
Just feel like I’m misleading everyone,
not that they thought that this thing
was for me.
But what if it was?
Not that it has more positives than the opposite.
They asked me if I’ll leave
and I said maybe.
I just turned 15, and I think I might leave ib.
it's a really hard decision
Sofia Jul 2021
you want me to be you
exactly the same

you want me to be you
exactly the same

everything you are
is what you want for me

i must embody everything
that makes you who you are

and everything that makes me me
has to go

or else i will be
controlled and made to be you

as i can see
you need someone else

to deflect away from me
so that i can be on my own

and im not you
just like you want

even though that’s not me
it causes so much pain

to see you how you are
the way you wish i was made
Sofia Jul 2021
I love you like lemonade.
You're so bitter
but I-I crave
the sweet taste
you give to everything.
And when I'm with you
my mind goes blank
like I can't explain.
I hate when you're away,
so don't leave me.
Only stay.
Sofia Jun 2021
You can’t spare a laugh
when I need one
to make me feel
that much better.

Spare a laugh
For me
When I need you
To lift me up
Into the clouds
Just for a second.
Sofia Jun 2021
What if you never wanted
a person like me. What will
you do after that?
I tried to make a haiku but the first line has too many syllables. Hope you enjoyed it anyway.
Sofia Sep 2020
My name, which is growing in popularity as we speak,
Is mine and only mine, and all the others are fake.
But 2007 was really its peak.
Most people are trying to take,
What’s not theirs and make it great.
People make the name something that’s not the same.
Like dogs and cats.
They’re different and you don’t get them confused,
And when people get it wrong you slowly light your fuse.

It’s not their fault, and I know that to be true,
But everyone likes their name better,
And that’s what makes me blue.

My last name means hay,
Which is ok,
But then people say it wrong,
It just makes you grey.
You say the J sounds like H,
And they try again.
This time its better, but still not the the way,
You like to say
Sofia Feb 2020
My tears are something I refuse.
You make me tired just to lite the fuse.
I guess people are like plastic,-

Easy to reuse.
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