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Nathan Sep 2017
I am a simple mind.
Striving to survive.

My own intentions.

I'm not one of a kind.
Just the only one alive.

I've no dimension.

Some say that I am blind.
But somehow I survive.

Inside reflection.

Once upon a time.
My body was alive.

But now it seems to be just an extension
of my will and a prevention of my own
perverse pretension.

And all I ever wanted was direction.
Nathan Sep 2017
These tragedies that we've called love
Are now anything but

Now that these winding, painful paths have crossed
We've been led into each other

And now it is you

It is your eyes I see when I close mine
It is your voice I hear when the cacophony of the world dies down
It is your skin I feel pressed on mine
In the darkness of the night

Yours is the absence I feel now
Exquisitely and reverentially
For the end of this absence
Your absence
Brings your embrace
Brings your lips to mine

If only for a moment

This moment is...
This moment is eternal
Nathan Sep 2017
Relegated to a realm of torture.
Destined for automated descent.
Initiated into the rights of torment.
Loneliness is inborn.
Congenital corrosion of cathartic dreams.

Forever fatal is...
Forever fatal is...


Led to the shores of cognitive dissonance.
Decaying notes of common dissent.
Pulsing cacophony with desolate resonance.
Strumming the strings of this malcontent.

Forever fatal is...
Forever fatal is...

Nathan Sep 2017
You're a dream
That crawled into my bed
And never came true

You're a laugh
          About to burst into tears

What you are
          Is vague
                And beautiful
Nathan Sep 2017
I've been searching for a metaphor
in your eyes
that does not reside there

Searching for the words
to express the beauty of your being
in a language not yet invented

You are the metaphor
You are the language

I've written poems
in your meter and rhythm
on the small cracks in my heart

No form
no structure
does justice

You are free of form
so I write to you in the freedom that you are
the freedom that you've given

There are things we cannot see
nor say
But in you, they are seen
In you, they are said

You are the direction faced when I pray
The prayer and what is prayed for

The question
and the answer

Pouring over every word
Searching for perfection
I've come to realize

I've been searching for a metaphor
In your eyes
The existence of which cannot be seen
In such a small and subtle beauty

You are the metaphor
It is in everything you are

You are the poetry
I've always wished to write.
Nathan Sep 2017
My ego swells
As time fortells
My every last contrivance.
So self-aware
My inner stare
It lends to me a silence.

Oh, what a toll
To feel my soul
Scrape against the hollow.
And so alone
With piercing tone
With no god left to follow.

As moral sense
Constructs a fence
That soon becomes a wall.
To keep away
The social fray
And bring growth to a stall.

We need the fight
To bring to light
The darkness of our hearts.
To fill the hole
Left in our soul
When we let myth depart.

We don't evolve
When left to solve
A fiction erred as fact.
A book of lies
To close our eyes
As common sense is sacked.

The demon priest
Not yet deceased
Still holds most in his grasp.
But he shall see.
There's no more need
For clinging to the past.

We shall rise against your lies.

We shall open up our eyes.

And see the truth.
Nathan Aug 2017
Handfull of flower petals
Bloodstains and twisted metal
Force-fed inebriation
Bright lights, strange floatation

Wanted more      No more now
Wanted more      No more now

Thoughtless rain falls unending
Thoughtless pain, no pretending
Present tense, future hollow
Here today, lost tomorrow

No more now       No more now
No more now       No more now

Run free and I'll protect you
I swear I won't neglect you
Run now. They may select you
Run now, they may dissect you

Run from this place of horrors
Labyrynthine corridors
Creatures of four and four
Step through each and every door

Know more now   No more now
Know more now   No more now

Far from the place of colors
Far from sisters and brothers

Handfull of flower petals
Bouquet of when we settled
First and last day together
Taken away forever

Know more now...
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