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Sobbingsoul Jan 12
Everything is
About shedding
Not embedding
Just  being
finding way
Home within
Sobbingsoul Jan 21
Feels as if
Your image
Made in water
It's there
And it is  not there
Your presence
Is there and not there
As if clouds passing by
One moment there
And next moment not there

Sobbingsoul Apr 6
Deep within each other's cell
In the nucleus
I know you
You know me
I feel you
You feel me
I love you
You love me
Sobbingsoul Jan 29
I have read
The thousands of pages
In the book of your eyes
I have felt
The ocean of love
In your heart
I have felt the hidden pain
between your breath
I have sensed the deepened  pines
Inside your lines
You can pretend & hide yourself
From the world
But not from
This heart of mine

Sobbingsoul Apr 8
Let every breath
Of mine be yours
Let every beat
Of my heart be yours
Let every step
Of my path be yours
Your Heart is my Home
That's where I want to roam

Sobbingsoul Jan 22
Searching for you
In the body
My being is tired
Heart never stops
Creating desires
No choice I have left
Except  burning longings
In the  fire

Sobbingsoul Sep 12
“Loving  face of yours
Full of compassion
Attracts and caresses my heart
A deep  passionate longing
Glows in your sweet smile
Your love flooding my heart
Draws my soul closer and closer
With your every gaze
I am mesmerized
Your tranquil  presence
Captures my being
Making me a prisoner of your love”

Sobbingsoul Sep 2
Unbearable pain within
My hearts is soaked
In anguish
Am bathed
The Eternal rainfall
Of my own tears
No place to pour
Here I come
To my sacred corner
Where I can sob
Nowhere I want to be seen
Embracing you inside of me
Want to go back
Where I always have been

Sobbingsoul Jan 22
Sobbingsoul Jan 26
“I thought
I needed
A crowd
to survive
Is all
I had needed
To be in peace
To revive “

Sobbingsoul Jan 18
“I thought I needed
A crowd to survive
Is all I had needed
To be in peace and
To revive “

Sobbingsoul Apr 30
So far
Yet so
So loving
So sweet
So tranquilizing
Your look
So mesmerizing
Your presence
So soft
Your touch
Always lives
In me
Your eternal love
Sobbingsoul Apr 24
Few seconds
Of electrifying kiss
Encapsulated in your Arms
What a beautiful moment
Our sweet memories
I always miss
Sobbingsoul Jan 19
In the land
Of my chest
Makes me
Price of
This is
Am blessed

Sobbingsoul Jan 25
Close your eyes
Breathe Deep
Stop the mind
Pause the movement
Dwell in the silence
Open the door
Of your heart
And find me
Within you
Where I

Sobbingsoul Jan 19
Drop your ego
Shed  your attachments
Unmask your reality
**** your fears
Free your heart
Embrace the purity
Feel the being
Live in the heart
And then
You can love me

Sobbingsoul Jan 20
Behind the curtain
of my eye lashes
the ocean waits for you
Waves after waves of tears
Slamming  the doors
Of my eyelids
Rush out
To meet
With you my dear

Sobbingsoul Jan 18
Like a soft and cool breeze
Brushing my hair gently
Whispering in my ear softly
Holding  my hands lovingly
Echoing  your voice thrillingly
Reaching my core throbbingly
Leaving my ***** sore badly
Frozen heart aches more and more sadly
Each moment So much tears pour rushingly
Was your presence Real or dream  
Here I am Unsure
Were you really here?
Was I dreaming ?
After all life  is a dream
Realize it Right ?
Yes now I am sure
Life is nothing but
A momentarily dreaming

Sobbingsoul Feb 2
The world is too much
To deal
I want to dive
Into my own eye
Being a rain
Of Tears
Rolling from
My own cheek
I want to
Flood into you

Its ok to cry
It's ok to feel sad
it's not ok to hide the emotions, it gotta come out!!
Sobbingsoul Jan 13
You are the flood
Avalanche of love
Those sunk me in

When I miss you
shivering feeling lonely
that entered my heart
made me realize
I have you in me
Eternal Gift
Your love  is
A boat to float
In the ocean of life 

Sobbingsoul Apr 20
I am
Avalanches of love
You are my Boulder
Stay strong and broad
Holding me tight
Don’t let me fall

Sobbingsoul Aug 30
When the heart
Is shattered
The hidden
Light shinning through
Will show you the oath
Be blessed
With the shattered heart
Be blessed
With the broken heart

Sobbingsoul Jan 23
The simpler my life
The more meaningful
The less desires in my heart
The freeer I am

Sobbingsoul Mar 20
My soul has always waited
For you in the midst of pain
Joy, lose ,and gain
I have sensed your
Swirling anguish
Flowing in your vein
From afar
I have felt
What you have
Gone through

Don’t think
They are real
Nothing is real
In this physical realm
Don’t Tangle
The self
Inside the cocoon
Of the busy world
Break the chain
You created

Be free

Sobbingsoul Sep 17
Be the stillness
Among the hurricanes
Of the thoughts
Be the witness
Of these passing clouds
In the sky of your mind
You are the watcher only
In this  game of life

Sobbingsoul Apr 29
Infinitely crazy in your love

Not in the book you can read
But feel in the heart

Vaster than ocean
Wider than the sky
Brighter than the sun

His love shines
In my heart
I glow in his charm
His thoughts makes
Me fall in a wonder land

All fears gone
Doubt vanished
His smile erases
My sadness
I breathe him in
Like the air
Makes my
Joy just flare

In the coldest dark night
His presence in my heart
Never subsides
Always remains within
Making beautiful as
A Shinning bride

Sobbingsoul Jan 22
A beauty

Sobbingsoul Aug 11
Because of you
I was able
To reach
The depth
Of my own  heart
Sobbingsoul Jun 1
Everything Ends
In certain depth
Pain ,pleasure
There is one
You feel
But emptiness

Where you truly
Came from
Reaching that
Space is
Total bliss

Sobbingsoul Jan 21

Sobbingsoul May 16
Bliss in pain
Peace in separation
Aches and pain
Stab at the same time
Flowers of creations
Beauty prevails
In distance
Voices of soul
Echo in silence
In your physical presence
You seem too far
In your absence
You feel
So close  to my soul
Union is end
Is continuation
Of this love

Sobbingsoul Jan 16
Breathe deep
Breathe consciously
Stay in between the breath
Where no thoughts exist
And there is only peace
Just breathe
That’s it
There is only peace

Sobbingsoul Jan 22
Flood  through me
Come to me
As you meant to be
I am tired of
Refusing your presence in me
No more I can handle
Am just burning inside
Like a Candle

Sobbingsoul Apr 1
Walking to the lake
Laying on the grass
The clouds floating
In a blue sky
Changing its shape
Feels as if
An invisible artist
Busy making an art
Rustle of leaves
In the wood
Making its music
With the wind
Listening to the birds
Gurgling of the creek
Feeling the breeze
Sensed as if you were
caressing me
By the lake
I thought  of you

Sobbingsoul Sep 19
Music of the wind
Drum of my own heartbeat
Songs  of the chirping birds
Orchestra of the leave’s rustling
Humming of my breath
Caressing  Mother Earth
Warmth of father sun
Blanketed by soft cloud
Here I come to my solitude
Where the silence speaks
To me always aloud

Sobbingsoul Jan 21
My soul painted
By the color of your love  

Journeying through
Your eyes, going to
My wonderland  
In your ♥️ heart

Where romance starts
Inside you
Finding the garden of love
Enjoying your  beauty
With the flowers  
Of joy
I roam dancing
With the
Fragrances of your beauty
Inside of you
In the garden of your heart
Loving your essence
Am camouflaged by your love
Sobbingsoul Jan 23
Missing you is hard
The most painful part
Body is  hollow
People seems shallow
Full of agony  Inside
Can go no more
Don’t know where to start
The world pauses
As a standing boulder
Just one time  
Being close to you
Want to cry
on your shoulder

Sobbingsoul Apr 6
Drifting away from
You is like
Waves trying
Rolling away
From it’s  ocean
No matter
How  far it goes
Ocean swipes
Merging  back to
The ocean again
Waves and ocean
Are one
You and I are one

Sobbingsoul Jan 24
There is something
In your voice
Much more than
Just a sound
Something deeper
I can’t explain
There is something
In your presence
vaster than just your
figure and form
I can’t point  
I Can’t explain
No words can describe
No feeling  can relate
As soon as you leave
For you to come back
I always wait

Sobbingsoul Mar 3
Carry me to
the Paradise
In your heart
Where I belong to be

My being drenched in desire
Burning my  soul like a fire
Sobbingsoul May 31
I watch your image
Changing like
The passing clouds
Beautiful radiant
White feathery at times
Mesmerizes me
Scary dark stormy
With thunder
And lightening
My Heart
I just keep watching
The changing images of yours
I wait
For you
To come back
To your true self
Soft sweet tender
Hidden image of yours
Caring touch of yours
The heavenly doors

Sobbingsoul Jan 21
To Dance
The Rhythm
Of Your
Own Heart

Sobbingsoul Feb 5
You are my coffee
I am your creamer
In the journey
Of our sweet love
I have become
A crazy dreamer
Sobbingsoul Jan 19
Come back
To the self
Come back
To your own heart
You left your home
Your own heart
For so long
You lived
In this mind
Too long
In this world
Now come
Your own soul
Is looking for you
Come home
Lighting your
Own home
Your own
Come back

Sobbingsoul Mar 21
My path is Deep
My goal is too far
My pain is too intense
Come with me
Only if you can handle
Come with me
With the strength
A pure  ,a brave heart
and the empty mind
Leave me in this journey
I have known my destination
where to go
Come to me
Only if you can
Handle my love
And my pain

Sobbingsoul Jun 2
I responded to
your souls calling
You were the one
Drawing me closer until I will  die
Your heart pulled and  pulls me
In each of the thoughts of mine
This deepest feeling ,I can never lie
Before we took birth, this life was designed
Among billions,You were the one
From the all directions
You kept magnetizing me
Even from afar,
In your absence , Lived empty and drained
Our body changed
But the same , our  hearts remained
Love lives forever Never it dies
Bonded with eternal thread
who can untie?
For this love, Don't know what happened
We both couldn't sacrifice
Piling layers of desires
You let the silence win
Our hearts always cry

Drifting away in bodies yet soul lived together
No relationships can be compared
For too many lives our souls were shared forever
How much I loved you ,
Never realized
Raining eyes  floods my cheeks
washing  this    Achy chest
Could it be ncised ??
Now you tell me
Could my heart be incised ??

Sobbingsoul Sep 25
Planting the seed
Of love
In your heart
Watering with
The Tears of hope
Humility and nurturing
Fencing with
The faith in the self
Plucking the thorn of fears and ego
The weeds of doubt
Let the life be a dance
In the wilderness of love
In the garden of your heart
Spreading the beauty
Of your being
Dance in the garden
Of your heart

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