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Sep 28 · 104
“Relationship “
Sobbingsoul Sep 28

In this ****** existence
Some may come
Showing bright lights
And fade away quickly
Some may show up
With promises
But fail to deliver
Some may come
And walk with you
For a little while and move on
Some may pretend to be brave
But run away in fear

Some may walk with you
Until the end
****** relationships
Based on give and take
Come and go
Once you stop giving
The relationship ends
All relationships
Are like passing clouds
Bright clouds, dark clouds
Colorful clouds at times
Some relationships
Are always there
With no give and take

Sobbingsoul Sep 26
Our moment on earth
Is nothing but a short story
To be remembered
Doing everything with the heart
Is all you want to do
Everything is just
Perfect and beautiful
No rights or wrongs
When it is done with love
Until you bring
The mind to interfere  
Live in the heart
Love from the heart
Share from the heart
Enjoy life living in the moment
Giving the best you can
So that no regrets come along

Sobbingsoul Sep 25
Planting the seed
Of love
In your heart
Watering with
The Tears of hope
Humility and nurturing
Fencing with
The faith in the self
Plucking the thorn of fears and ego
The weeds of doubt
Let the life be a dance
In the wilderness of love
In the garden of your heart
Spreading the beauty
Of your being
Dance in the garden
Of your heart

Sep 19 · 751
Calling of a Silence
Sobbingsoul Sep 19
Music of the wind
Drum of my own heartbeat
Songs  of the chirping birds
Orchestra of the leave’s rustling
Humming of my breath
Caressing  Mother Earth
Warmth of father sun
Blanketed by soft cloud
Here I come to my solitude
Where the silence speaks
To me always aloud

Sep 17 · 83
Be the stillness
Sobbingsoul Sep 17
Be the stillness
Among the hurricanes
Of the thoughts
Be the witness
Of these passing clouds
In the sky of your mind
You are the watcher only
In this  game of life

Sep 15 · 459
Like the sky
Sobbingsoul Sep 15
You keep
floating like a cloud
I keep watching you
like the sky

Sep 14 · 340
Dreams after Dreams
Sobbingsoul Sep 14
You sleep every night
You dream every night
From waking dream to sleeping dream
Everyday and every night
From island of waking dream
To the island of sleeping dream
You keep leaping around
Reality  floats in between these two dreams
Escaping from these dreams
Seizing  the gap
Going beyond these dreams
Far it seems

Sep 13 · 405
Just for this moment
Sobbingsoul Sep 13
Just for this fleeting moment
Experience this closeness
Feel this screaming love
From within
Trying to gasp forever

Sep 12 · 70
Your love binds me
Sobbingsoul Sep 12
Your anger scares, shakes
And startles  me
Your ego pushes me away
Further and further
Your soul pulls me closer
Your love binds
My heart to yours
Now you choose
What you want
To give me
My Dear

Sep 12 · 165
A prisoner of love
Sobbingsoul Sep 12
“Loving  face of yours
Full of compassion
Attracts and caresses my heart
A deep  passionate longing
Glows in your sweet smile
Your love flooding my heart
Draws my soul closer and closer
With your every gaze
I am mesmerized
Your tranquil  presence
Captures my being
Making me a prisoner of your love”

Sep 10 · 131
Merge into the self
Sobbingsoul Sep 10
Glancing at  the colorful sky
With cool breeze  caressing me
I ask my friend, the wind
To carry me so high
That it takes all my worries away
And makes me free like her
Flowing and carefree.
Looking up
I ask my friend, the rain
To wash away my tears
And let my love fall
Like the raindrops
Waiting and wanting
To get quenched
From the parched world
That is mundane
That seeks and craves
This never ending
Journey of the senses
That takes me nowhere but in circles.
Love the self Give the self  
Merge into the Self
That is the only way
To free the soul

Sep 8 · 150
In this depth
Sobbingsoul Sep 8
I dig the self
Deep within
Deeper than my skin
Flesh ,blood
And bone
Deeper than that
Where you
There I come
To see
In this love
Our  hearts
Always devote

Sep 7 · 108
From afar
Sobbingsoul Sep 7
The darkness of a solitude
Wraps you around
I am watching you
Being the sky from afar
The morning sunlight paints
The horizon with the  golden ray
Like a lonely mountain
You stand tall and unuttered
Feeling your loneliness
My heart aches
I caress and kiss you gently as
A soft silken cloud
Embracing you in my arms
Washing your darkness away
With the love of my light

Sep 2 · 291
A sacred corner
Sobbingsoul Sep 2
Unbearable pain within
My hearts is soaked
In anguish
Am bathed
The Eternal rainfall
Of my own tears
No place to pour
Here I come
To my sacred corner
Where I can sob
Nowhere I want to be seen
Embracing you inside of me
Want to go back
Where I always have been

Aug 31 · 139
Once it’s gone
Sobbingsoul Aug 31
My bone
Will be the rock
My flesh will the mud
My blood will be the water
And my breath will be the air
My soul  will  merge with yours
You always find me
No matter where you go
I will be embracing you
As the whole existence
You will feel my love
For real then
Living in the body
The mind clouds the heart
On Earth things are
Only treasured
Once it’s gone

Aug 31 · 123
Only love
Sobbingsoul Aug 31
Throwing a sharp rock of
Ego and anger
You cracked
And bladed
My heart
It bleed
That’s all
I have
I only
Save love
I only
Love the love
I send
Love back
To you
Once you filled it up
With your love
I save only love
Not the anger
I send only love
I send only this love

Aug 31 · 536
Sobs in the silence
Sobbingsoul Aug 31
I hear your muffled sobs
In the silence
Your tears
Rains through my eyelids
I feel the clouds of pain
Filling your chest
I sense your aches
Inside of me
Your fears draw
Your loneliness
Thirsting to see
I wait inside of you
But you keep running away
From your true love

Aug 30 · 74
Wings of realization
Sobbingsoul Aug 30
On this little Sphere
Called the world
We all are jolted
Back and forth
With ego
Fears ,Anger
And the temporary Gains
Something exists
Beyond this Sphere
That embraces love
Wears the wings
Of realizations
And soars into the eternity

Aug 30 · 165
Let it come let it go
Sobbingsoul Aug 30
Let come let it go

Whatever comes
Let it come
Whatever goes
Let it go
Don’t strangle the self
In between these
Comes and goes
It came to teach
You something
It did its job
Get the lesson
Then set it free
Let it go
Don’t imprison the self
Let let self be free
Let these visitors go
Set them free
That’s what
The liberation
To me

Aug 30 · 175
Sobbingsoul Aug 30
Lack of deeper listening
Chaos in the path
Of our life

Aug 30 · 132
Be blessed
Sobbingsoul Aug 30
When the heart
Is shattered
The hidden
Light shinning through
Will show you the oath
Be blessed
With the shattered heart
Be blessed
With the broken heart

Aug 30 · 139
I am the river
Sobbingsoul Aug 30
I am the river
Not the lake
I enjoy
In my pace
No desire
To meet
The ocean
This moment
I love
The cliff
The boulder
I am
The river
I enjoy
I love
I am
The river

Aug 29 · 98
Only with compassion
Sobbingsoul Aug 29
See it
Feel it
Deeper self
The anger
You may carry
The pain
In the long run
What you give
That’s what you get
Just give love
You lose nothing
But gain love only

Aug 29 · 101
The flame of love
Sobbingsoul Aug 29
You are my poem
I write it
You are my tears
I let it bath me
You are my flowers
I let it blossom through my being
You are my pain
I let it take me deep within
You are my spark of love
I let it burn me as a bonfire
Letting  the flame e of our love
Raise higher and higher

Aug 29 · 353
Never away from me
Sobbingsoul Aug 29
Never away from me
Lives in my heart
Whispers through
My breath
Through my soul
Lives in my being
Your love
I feel every moment

Aug 28 · 66
My soul embraced
Sobbingsoul Aug 28
I offered
My innermost being to you
I had saved only for you
In your loneliness
I tried wiping your tears
My soul embraced
Body mind and soul
Of yours
Being  kidnapped
By the world
You like closing
Hearts door  

Missing you
Can’t stop these falling tears
Love has flown away
You have chosen
To live in fears

Aug 25 · 77
I feel you
Sobbingsoul Aug 25
I wait for the darkness to fall
The whole sky filled with
The twinkling dancing  stars
Am embraced by this silence
Watching my breath
In and out
No past
No present
Something whispers
Feel it
There exists nothing
But peace
You are the peace
In this state
I feel you in me
In my  every cell

Aug 25 · 116
My soul
Sobbingsoul Aug 25
Your breath
My heart beat
My eyes
Your tears
My lips
Your smile
Your feelings
My emotions
No matter
What the distance
My soul
In your devotion

Aug 24 · 68
Let go
Sobbingsoul Aug 24
Breathe deep
Let go everything
Swipe every thought
Through your breath
Taking your consciousness
Beyond this earth
Let thoughts not be
Your boss

Aug 24 · 964
Sobbingsoul Aug 24
Love is an expansion
Not a contraction
Love is giving not taking
Love is an understanding
Not rationalizing
Love is forgiving
Love is embracing
Possessing object or a person
Is not love  
It’s an attachment and greed
If it’s a true love
You never have a fear of losing
You believe in love
Your own heart
Love lives with its authenticity
Regardless space ,time , distance and relationships
Love radiates on its own
If there is a tinge of fear
It’s not love
When love is the guide
It knows the destination
Believe in love
It’s your protector
It’s your salvation

Aug 22 · 136
My soul whispers
Sobbingsoul Aug 22
In the midst
of this silence
For you
My soul
Your name

Aug 22 · 66
Sobbingsoul Aug 22
The mind is
The storehouse
Of the thoughts of the world
The heart is the shrine
Of a soul
Where pure love lives

Aug 20 · 75
This space in me
Sobbingsoul Aug 20
In the cave of my heart
Endless path
Infinite space
For you

Keep journeying
Until you find
The destination

One body
One life time
Not enough
Diving only in purity
Dwelling in sacred love
Peeling the ego self
You can reach this space
The Voyage  is tough

Aug 20 · 107
Within your soul
Sobbingsoul Aug 20
I sense
The thunder
In your silent heart
I see
The gurgling tears
In your oceanic eyes
I feel
The burning fire
Of love
In your every cell
I  find my home
Within your soul
Where we are whole

Aug 18 · 478
Sobbingsoul Aug 18
You are
The mind
I am
The heart
Aug 16 · 262
To the infinite
Sobbingsoul Aug 16
Loneliness is the doorway
To silence
Silence is the doorway
To unspoken
Unspoken is the doorway
To the  infinite

Aug 13 · 105
You made it bright
Sobbingsoul Aug 13
I lived in the emptiness
Until you arrived
Embracing each cell of mine
Radiating with the light
Of your love
Every little shadow
I carried inside
Your presence made it bright

Aug 11 · 331
Because of you
Sobbingsoul Aug 11
Because of you
I was able
To reach
The depth
Of my own  heart
Sobbingsoul Aug 5
If you see the beauty in others
You have found your beauty within
If you feel love for others
You have found love within
What you see outside
Is nothing but yourself
The world is only your mirror
Sobbingsoul Aug 4
I have found my home
In  this emptiness
In nothingness where everything is
I have felt my soul, my home
Where  a total bliss remains
Imprisoned in the body
Caged with the senses
I am obligated to
Come to this world
A deep yearning dwells within
To be
In this nothingness
In this emptiness
Where everything is
Where my real home lives

Aug 4 · 278
Find your stillness
Sobbingsoul Aug 4
Read me with your heart
Not the mind
Feel me with your soul
Not the skin
Find your stillness within First
Before  reaching  my Depth
Empty your being
To see the clear picture of mine

Jul 24 · 396
Sobbingsoul Jul 24
The language
The heart
The language
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