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the shadow clings to the fire
little does it know
the crucible it casts itself into
shines from within

glowing splinters
from its tagedy scorched off
dissolving its heavy armour
float off into the golden pyre

and a shaking tremor
engulfs this newborn creature
pulsating the inward light
granting plumage to the pheonix

death is but a crack
in the night sky
shining, like the sea of stars above
sparks ejected from it's tail
erupting violently
beginning a new cycle
You want unfiltered emotion
Painful devotion
Kick when I'm on the ground
I'm not allowed to make a sound
You loves possessive
I sacrifice
My humanity
To love you
Undeserving royalty
As the Earth rotates
We all live on this planet
Our Earth needs some help

Change things that make a difference
Changes that change opinions
Change that can be successful

We can all help out
Help others to encourage
Stimulate the change

Brian Hill - # 235
Are you concerned with our mother?
I’m in love with an alien
She doesn’t know her worth
But I guess that’s normal
When your girl’s not from earth
She is kind of crazy
With the things that she’ll say
Cause the language she speaks
Is from the milky way
I’m in love  with an alien
And I often get hurt
She’s a little too green
And I feel like Captain Kirk
I’m in love with an alien
But I guess in the end
That I’m just normal
Cause chicks are alien to men
the calendars get tossed out
and the funeral cards
stack high.
I sit and wonder
where it all went,
the connection that is,
deforming and reforming
with glimmering threshold
as the past becomes a dream,
love becomes a sudden tragedy
and the music continues to play
through and through.
we simply
are not
Being with you is sickening,
trying to move on while you keep picking up the pieces of my heart,
and keeping the ones you like for yourself.

Because even though you are the one who is letting go,
you can't justify leaving the beautiful thing we had.

So you pick the pieces you,
and leave the bad ones for me.
And there you go taunting me with that smile;

knowing it is one of the things I love the most in the world,

and that it's being taken away from me.
leaving love broken unfair pain
I know you are running away,
Because you claim to know exactly how things will end.

But I can play fortune teller too,
I know one day we will meet again.

I'll be nothing you expect,
And everything you wanted.

But I won't be yours anymore.
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