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Sobbingsoul Aug 16
Loneliness is the doorway
To silence
Silence is the doorway
To unspoken
Unspoken is the doorway
To the  infinite

Sobbingsoul Aug 13
I lived in the emptiness
Until you arrived
Embracing each cell of mine
Radiating with the light
Of your love
Every little shadow
I carried inside
Your presence made it bright

Sobbingsoul Aug 11
Because of you
I was able
To reach
The depth
Of my own  heart
Sobbingsoul Aug 5
If you see the beauty in others
You have found your beauty within
If you feel love for others
You have found love within
What you see outside
Is nothing but yourself
The world is only your mirror
Sobbingsoul Aug 4
I have found my home
In  this emptiness
In nothingness where everything is
I have felt my soul, my home
Where  a total bliss remains
Imprisoned in the body
Caged with the senses
I am obligated to
Come to this world
A deep yearning dwells within
To be
In this nothingness
In this emptiness
Where everything is
Where my real home lives

Sobbingsoul Aug 4
Read me with your heart
Not the mind
Feel me with your soul
Not the skin
Find your stillness within First
Before  reaching  my Depth
Empty your being
To see the clear picture of mine

Sobbingsoul Jul 24
The language
The heart
The language
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