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Breathe deep
Let go everything
Swipe every thought
Through your breath
Taking your consciousness
Beyond this earth
Let thoughts not be
Your boss

Love is an expansion
Not a contraction
Love is giving not taking
Love is an understanding
Not rationalizing
Love is forgiving
Love is embracing
Possessing object or a person
Is not love  
It’s an attachment and greed
If it’s a true love
You never have a fear of losing
You believe in love
Your own heart
Love lives with its authenticity
Regardless space ,time , distance and relationships
Love radiates on its own
If there is a tinge of fear
It’s not love
When love is the guide
It knows the destination
Believe in love
It’s your protector
It’s your salvation

In the midst
of this silence
For you
My soul
Your name

The mind is
The storehouse
Of the thoughts of the world
The heart is the shrine
Of a soul
Where pure love lives

In the cave of my heart
Endless path
Infinite space
For you

Keep journeying
Until you find
The destination

One body
One life time
Not enough
Diving only in purity
Dwelling in sacred love
Peeling the ego self
You can reach this space
The Voyage  is tough

I sense
The thunder
In your silent heart
I see
The gurgling tears
In your oceanic eyes
I feel
The burning fire
Of love
In your every cell
I  find my home
Within your soul
Where we are whole

You are
The mind
I am
The heart
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