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Sobbingsoul Apr 25
Let this
Restless be
Let this fire
Let this
Heart yearn
Let just
In me
Longing for you
Until for eternity
Our souls
Will see

Sobbingsoul Apr 25
The moment
We saw each
Pieces of us
Were exchanged
Neither you acknowledged
Nor I
Living in the incompleteness
Life flew by
String of our love kept
Pulling us
Until we united
As one
Living in each other
Now days go on

Sobbingsoul Apr 1
I am
An evergreen flower
Of love in
The garden of your heart
That blossoms
In the eternity

Sobbingsoul Mar 19
I wonder
where is my home ?
who are my own ?
I don’t now
I really don’t know
With whom  to get attached
With whom
To get detached
I really don’t now
Where do I belong?
I really don’t know
Where did I come from?
Where am I going ?
How long will I be here
I really don’t know
Sobbingsoul Mar 17
She felt the real you and she loved you, despite all of your state of being  She never tried to  obtain anything  from you but loved only giving her own core that she never gave to anyone  on this planet
She always saved her sacred spot inside of her where she adored you within
she accepted you, despite all of your surroundings relationships and
status she didn’t care anything
But loved you
She always loves you
Cause you loved her
Can you deny your own love you Poured into her heart
Can you open your heart to receive your own love through her heart
Can you be brave to open your core to embrace yourself
Can you ?
Can you ?
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