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Jul 2014 · 10.1k
Stomp on it
Till' it shatters to irreparable pieces
Or until it starts to bleed
Mission complete once your done
Please don't Stomp on my heart
Jul 2014 · 54.1k
Sun Like Smile
Sun is like your smile
Many days it's there but some it's not
It illuminates all around
Like your smile when it's out
Exactly like your smile is the sun
Jul 2014 · 23.5k
Trust Me
Trust me
Because I know the feeling of pain
Of betrayal

Trust me
Because I know how to feels to be lost
With no where to run

Trust me
Because I know how it feels
To want the pain to stop

Trust me
Because I know how hard it is to find someone to trust
Jul 2014 · 37.1k
Everyone Leaves
Everyone leaves like the sun at dusk
Attempting to make them stay
Very prepared for another to leave because-
Everyone leaves
Jul 2014 · 19.4k
Cry With Me
Cry with me
Reassemble my broken heart
Yesterday was yesterday so today cry with me
First poem up! Hope you like it...

— The End —