Sun 2d

It rained whole night                    
Vintage music
Shimmering candle lights                
Dusty photo albums
Old school days                                  
Lost hopes
Soft touch of the gentle breeze       
 Stories of the starry sky
Fragrance of night Jasmine              
A long walk into the woods
All those occupied me last night    
Birds chirping
with unchained

You were the listener                                
to all the memoirs
You had left before                                    
I opened my eyes
Everything is there                                   
 but you're afar
  I can only feel the touch of your hand
on my shoulder....

Sun 3d

Void doesn't empty  me ever;
  So faithfully, your absence does !

Sun 6d

I wish I could be the          
                wild dandelions
                    you believe to  
                       wish upon!
             I would fly as your whishes
                 Whilst my parts fall
                     into pieces
                   on the ground
                   you would hold
                    those broken pieces
                          of mine
                             as your long
                       cherished dreams!
                      In stead of being alive
                  ­I would stay too near
        Your heart forever....

Sun 7d

There is only one place
I can call home

          where I can hold your hands
              You put your arms around me
And I feel your breathing
     Oh, It's only in our dreams

               Colorless but meaningful dreams
         Keep me awaken all the walking moments
 All the way back to home

Should I teach my heart
                     Not to give words to my thoughts of you?
Where stars don't refuse to shine
    I keep waiting for you
       Don't dare to be left
        Broken inside
           on my own hearts  
Enough with the scattered words
I would rather turn you as a story
The story that takes a lifetime
to complete

   Thousand of nights
        under the stars
    The story to be lived
  over and over again to be loved
to be told

               An encrypted story
             that only I can read
             The storyteller is void inside
      without you
               Oh, thee story

If your Home is within your dream, where would you go when you wake up ....?
Sun Jul 15

Dusts glittering in the air
A spring of minds that never dies
leading the wild winds
taking the shape of waves
on different lands

Moon bestows her grace on darkness
when shadows make love with the eternity

The blood in veins rejoice for solitude
The  untouched old souls  
seek for salvation
forgetting unbound distance
urging to touch the breaths of fire

Unloved  tears scream deeply inside
for the forgotten promise of their love
in the lost reign

Can you remember?
Sun Jul 15

7.30 a.m.
Sunshine is peeping through the blue curtains
Kissing gently  on my forehead
My eyelids smiled

8.30 a.m.
I wish you were the Sunshine....!

Every moment counts!
Sun Jul 14

I wish I could be the colors
on your canvas
Whom you touch gently
to make something more beautiful;
like the enigmatic clouds
keep dancing
with the last ray of Sunshine
to please the grace of soil

When you nurture
with so much love
Don't you believe....
all you have is today
but no tomorrows for another thoughts!?

You skip your heart beats
when your vibes get mingled
with the lyrics of the wishes
intertwined with the painting brushes

I wish I could be so....
What you hold with so much caress
And never let go....

I wish I could be the winds that passing through your windows
Touching your veins
making you sway

I wish I could be the roads you come across each day
I would turn myself into green grasses
where you would rest upon
to live in the moments

I wish we were the distance
only in dreams
Why's & What ifs
are rising to the ceiling
What is "One day" to you
Is that my Lifetime
or endless waiting !?

Notes were taken ;-)
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