Sun 1d

When I see you smile
wriggling on the wall
I lean on to the sky –
as a dreamer of fur-flung hope
To touch you -are you cold, in winter?

Shimmering silver light
sparks in my veins
Shaking the flame of my heart
for your thoughts
The depth of curiosity
set me ablaze
I close my eyes....

Who painted you hundred years ago
Gave the same eyes through which I see thou
The same smile, the deep gaze to find eternal quest

When the visitors gone-
do you cry for the lost love of life?
In darkness, do you wait
for the light of heaven- we call Sun?
How many people loved you
before you’re not a mere Art?
A living soul- an unbroken array of hope
How many tears shed for your absence?

You cannot reply, do you sigh?  
You are my silent listener, silence holds my throat
Carpe diem! ~ by your dark deep curious eyes, sharp smile
Hanging in the corner of the art gallery for years....

Dedicated: To the love of my life :) :)
Perspective: When a hundred years old portrait makes you wonder
Sun 2d

You are..... home
A home always within me
A wonderful sculpture of the sun
A cherished flower of the earth
Let the Arctic Ocean realm hold
All the blues – of your heart

Let the green mountains touch your feet
Sway among the rafts of clouds
Like the dreamers
who bury regrets underneath
Dance with the morning breeze

Behold the faith in sunrises
Torn-up roots of trees
were loved once in unloved places
Distant skyline send you it's elegance

Don’t run away from love this time
Let it be....
It’s not ~ distance wins, we lose
Let the hopeful smiles kiss your lips

You are my heartfelt Alchemy__
A dream within a dream deliriously happy....

Sun 3d

          Your emotions

           Not as a "Daily" Poem
           But with the sun rays
              in each dawn
          The truest poetry lies within
       Y O U

     You don't write poetry
   Poetry writes you

      Gives words to the fleeting moments
       Emptiness hail
           You lose pieces of you
         for loving those who chose to flee
    Take back all those
      Make something   B e a u t i f u l
          You keep healing
        It's inseparable part ~ like breathing
        There will be a --- last time
             You will write your last poetry
             You will love last
           You will smile your last smile
          You will have the last kiss
            You will share the last dream_

           Do recall the poetry
          for an ache, a storm
        Let the poetry write you-
         Something for you
       around the year
   This time _  H a p p i e r

Sun 3d

The unloved years
Long - gone
Suffocated springs
carelessly spread around
full of love songs

I touched the insensible hopeless
wings inside me
Flipped impulsive conversation
trembling leaves craving
to stay longer
Autumnal air persisted
freedom to choose

You reached at the edge of miracle
In vague touch of September
I smiled in the Earth's vow
Don't let me drown
in anguished waiting

Silence like wild flowers
when you care less, grows faster
My impalpable silent eyelids
kissed the sun rays from a long slumber

I know the pain of darkness
in storms when someone losing
the way to home
Withered heartfelt emptiness

Cruel time flies slowly
The longing moon is afar
Shimmering light aglow on my face
in fiercely- tender dream

Let me lean on
Unending delusion of hope
floating high
My heart awoke
For your promises

I wonder how long the poetry cries

Sun 4d

I find you
   in the loneliness
 of the crowd

    In order to die,
                you must live a life

                         You are the voyage
                     I call home
                                    My eternal hope

Sun 5d

Snowfall is enigmatically beautiful
like the journey of the souls
draped by mist, darkness
light and cloud


Sun 5d

Coffees kiss me so passionately
     You would be jealous
         of knowing amusingly
       how I let them do so befittingly
     Twisted in my hands tenderly
They touch my lips blandly

Oh, darling, coffee in my hands,
         Sway with me slowly

Cold & warm both caress
    my tongue gently
         Take away my sleep righteously
          I hide myself nowhere curiously
      but__ in your thoughts
till you tolerate me intently

             The rivulet of Coffees in me
              keep me awaken intensely  
          I hide myself nowhere but
        Where I found the love truly
     where people greet
at first sight so amazingly
Where you got me
   in between Sun and Darkness....eternally
       With a song so lovely....
                 Forever gracefully

                   "Hello, Poetry?" ;)

:) :)
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