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Snow Selmon Sep 22
I love the way I feel like one
I love the way you say Te amo
I love the way I hold you in my arms
Te amo the Angel in my heart  
Te Amo
Te Amo is Latin for I love you and for me Latin is something special to me it is something ancient which I can bring with me
Snow Selmon Sep 22
I've always cared for you
but you couldn't see my concern
Snow Selmon Sep 22
they don't leave me alone
they don't stop hurting
they are leaving me broken
without a hope in sight
I see broken shards
and icy points
and all the dreams that come
and all I can is lay here
and feel their touch
just I'm sorry this is so hard lately I don't know what to do anymore
Snow Selmon Sep 22
running through wisps
going in tumble winds
falling on the rocks
scrapes on pale skin
red rock scarring a beginning
a cracked soul always forgiving
red rivers running through veins
pumping soul with fractured hands
not able to grab a lie in it's grasp
and it seeps through the cracks
never fearing the wind will run away
only keeping the demons at bay
a mind is not worth loving
if the mind can't stop running
in the wind we run
but soon we will stop
and take our final breath
Snow Selmon Sep 22
blood smeared of my lines
guts spilled on the outside
I feel blood running
through uncharted blue veins
over pale skin
I'm loosing myself
in this pain I am a monster
in their eyes I'm the monster
to myself I'm a monster
but to few I'm worth it
to me I outweigh
their pleas
through this I'm crying
through this I'm going to...
let the blood flow
I'm sorry for this I'm not too good right now
Snow Selmon Sep 21
sailors falling to the salty mist of sea
hearing song for you and me
and suffocating in sweet bliss
a Siren song I'll never miss
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