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Snipes 6m
I take my one day
I follow through with Escher’s eye
Till the grave soil is my eyes event horizon
A heatwave and a cold goodbye for a good samaritan
Living through Dalí dreams
But the birds apprehend blind love
Stargazing through stained glassed windows
I told you I can’t swim for you
But I can breathe all while
Wondering my world wide worth
In these prisons fornever
For I can I get lost in the green eyes in the sunflower maze
Snipes Jul 6
Prisons won’t last forever
Death is something everyone meets
Prisons won’t last forever
The past is something everyone leaves
Snipes Jul 4
My world opens up too you
The phone buzzes
I listen about how the malicious souls is hellish
I tell about how your passion burns hotter though
So you’ll take tomorrow and spin it for what your suns time will grow
Your snores through the speaker is well worth it in my night world

I wake up
The needle rides the groves
The wax forces out the toons
My feelings pour a fool
I set up the easel
I paint the shadows
I make this puddle
Feel not so shallow
The ocean I live in
Breaks a boat
But the ship
Sinks a perfect memory
I sign my initials
Tether my persona
To a peer
That I hope they’ll hear

The gardens I’m looking for
Are burned down
Searching by with no light
Your heat balances my vision  
But for me too see you
At night with green eyes
In your Sunflower Maze

Snipes Jun 21
A star died in my eyes
A black hole in my iris
A light I thought I shined
Instead casts hazard alert signs

My horizon is lack lustered
The fall is an everlasting lost
I want to believe these eventful dreams
Are preparing me for the relative of death
Or maybe to rest on a point of no return
Such as my eyes looking too the past
As the iris collapses

These thoughts are micro
Yet weigh on me heavy
My eyes engulf aglow
Yet dream only sightly
Snipes Jun 4
The summer heat welcomes heart rate
The affection I show, you negate
My heads burning up
My hearts breaking apart
You never know how cold the last goodbye is
Until you’re buried alive
Frozen in the middle of July
Snipes Jun 4
Maybe I’m already dead
Maybe I’m living with death
Everything breaks down then works out
Maybe I’m exchanged with Ying and Yang
Guess I’ll find out

I browse through a book shelf
I pick up on the words and dialect
I put it down for I collect paragraphs
For different subjects
I never judge by the cover
But this albums artwork speaks volumes
The cashier hands over my change
I walk through these bright exit doors
The sunlight hits my eyes as they constrict
They get fixed on a man with open hands

His jaundice eyes plead
But money is not his need
He's visiting in town
He stems from Alabama
His boots planted in my city
With a dead flip phone
With no way to his a-wayward home
As he describes a street I’m not familiar with
He walks against me
He gets on his hands and knees
As he is now actually pleading
I say I will

Maybe I’m already dead
Maybe I’m living with death
Everything breaks down then works out
Maybe I’m exchanged with Ying and Yang
Guess I’ll find out
Snipes Jun 3
It’s 5pm, I’m in need of silence
The drinks are no longer needed
I cross my legs on my board
The wheels sit while my mind rolls
Picturing all of my madness
Photo album revels past tenses
Forecasting future storm shoots
My minds a blank canvass
Hi, I’m Drew, I’m whatever
You chose to draw me as
Me, I simply describe me
As an old soul for the soul reasoning
Of bringing a dead flower new life
The rain cuts and the light shined colorizes
You’re colored eyes mix me up
It’s all good I’m moving soberly
Yet I’m heavily tripping onward with
Everyone sketching out
My mind, screaming
But my voice doesn’t shout out
My meditation doesn’t allow it
So I quiet it down
Listening to the choir now
Daydreaming on Dalí’s drawings
We rely on time just for it to melt
These flowers we plant grow far out
And in the lake water we stare at
Reflect skeptic thoughts
On the shape of our existence
Dalí illustrating my insight
My black canvas emphasizes
My meditation is just a dream
Life isn’t really this demeaning
I’m caught zoning off
My eyes open to the sun sleeping
I grab a grip
And I skate it off
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