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Snipes 4d
my life is on the line,
at least my clothes
are being dried
Snipes Aug 4
tell me
the meaning
of dreams
are they insight
into future
or are they just

the walks of life
guess I’ll just
stick to
what do your dreams mean to you?
Snipes Jul 23
walkin’ barefoot in the rain
with my drink in the air
i try my hardest to forget
home is where the heart is
no matter for nomads
the world around them
is filled with laughter
but nothing is sadder
then when the clouds
drop-lets fall together
falling with someone would be better. But why would I want to bring someone down.
Snipes Jul 11
**** romeo
**** juliet
just because
i’m just like them
dying for love
I can’t believe that love is dead, love is somewhere out there for all of us
Snipes Jul 10
caught in delirious highs of gasping
i inhale running away from passing
made it through life’s chokehold in its pace of speed, only for a new race to start up in my lead
Snipes Jul 7
gravity lost its pull
scientists can’t answer this
i’m drowning in the ocean
with the space between us
leaving us
this time
biblical verses
couldn’t nurse this
i’m beyond lost
i’m nameless
i’m forgotten about
this is my lungs collapsing
prays to god has been bounded
to the heart
as graveyard head stones are
with the script edged out
ends the death of gravity

i was once your draw
now i’m the relative
of death
with no hope
just as memory of a
lost cause
Snipes Jul 6
as gravity falls
I tell her
I gave it my all
drawing towards the center of emptiness
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