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Chum Aug 2021
Nights in summer’s eve
A short lady ,
she walks beside him
holding onto his sleeve
  Jun 2020 Chum
Christopher Elwell
Body I will lay you down now
Leave you in the bed
Because I want to enjoy this morning
Free from pain.
And mind, I will leave you
A little further down the path,
Thank you for all you tried to do.
And soul, let us go on
See where this goes.
Chum Apr 2020
He won’t write for me
He won’t write to me
I wonder what
He will say
When we finally meet
Distant lover
Please come closer
  Mar 2020 Chum
do not visit my grave and cry, i am not there
i did not die
Chum Mar 2020
Your  very essence,
         Mustve been made from the Sun
    Because ,you make me feel warm inside
The man I love
Chum Mar 2020
I’m ready to write that haiku
I’m ready to write that essay

I’m ready to write about my day

 I’m ready to write what i can’t say

 I’m ready to write whatever comes to                
   my head
I’m ready to write like I never left
I’m ready to write when I’m doing well

I’m ready to write when I feel unwell

I’m  ready to write to feel powerful

I’m  ready to write to feel vulnerable
 I’m  ready to write except when I’m blank   as hell
                      I guess then ,
        I’ll just read other people’s ****
I’m $ad,I just need an outlet.
Chum Feb 2020
Beautiful boy
Why dyu hurt me so
You can see that I love you
But you act like you don’t know
I’m so tired of playing hide and seek
I can see you with my soul

I hate overthinking
I like to be sure
I hate when we don’t talk
When I crave communication more
But more so it’s how you talk to me sometimes that turns me on.

I hate how I look at you
I hate laughing at your jokes
I hate how we can say the same thing @ the same time
I hate experiencing conflict emotions
Mostly it’s when I’m mad at you it seems
Stay away from my dreams

An ode to our love
I want to stay and see how it ends
I love being your friend
Poem ..for my love.I wish he were a little anonymous
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