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LodHi-HidLo-LoLo Oct 2018
Guilty! Guilty!
Cry the slayers of man,
The Republican wreckers,
And wielders of words!

We cry **** and his life is ruined,
because we have convincing evidence.
We just say the word,
and so long evil Trump and Pence.

Kavanaugh is guilty,
because I say so,
I have a letter,
that I found a month ago.

I will wait for the perfect time to strike,
when the midterms are coming,
and he won't be voted in,
justice will be served.

We can't allow men on the supreme court,
they will only **** women,
all men are evil,
Kavanaugh is just the first.

This I just thought up,
in a hipster cafe,
where my liberal ideas are supported,
and I am always right.

Persecute Kavanaugh,
throw him in prison,
**** him dead,
he's not fit to tie Ginsburg's shoes.
Justice will be served.
Pulling a long hair out of your **** crack
LodHi-HidLo-LoLo Oct 2018
(insert trap beat)
The name's Noah Kathman,
Known as the wrathman,
You're smart,
You're loyal,
Another one,

Noah Kathman,
He's back, man,
and talking smack, man,

Noah Kathman,
no more snazz,
all bout the jazz,
Noah Kathman,
he can get down low,
like HidLo-LodHi over LoLo

(one minute of silence)

uh uh,
uh uh uh,

(fade out)

...........uh uh uh uh,
(en­d trap beat)
This new poem is fire, lets get this trending.
We live in a Society

Where "$" is more important than "<3"
Where "associate" means "to hate"
Where everyone thinks they are Above,
The beliefs, goals, and feelings of others.
Yet my God says to live as brothers.
So when He decides to bring the New Age,
In the book of history, only one short page,
We will be put under the title "Humanity"
In parentheses "The Selfish Society."
LodHi-HidLo-LoLo Feb 2018
What is the best time to think?
Many ponder existence in bed at night,
others contemplate life in the shower,
some question their knowledge in the dark with a nightlight.

What will school be like tomorrow?
Maybe I'll fail my Spanish test,
perhaps I'll make a new friend,
english will be boring, but in APUSH I'll try my best.

Why do I worry over everything?
I must learn to chill out,
I need to sleep sooner,
or I'll be up and about.

When will I do my homework?
There's tomorrow afternoon,
in bio before school,
or maybe at midnight in the light of the moon.

Why don't I have any friends?
I know I'm not amusing.
I don't try very hard,
in the game of life, I'm losing.

Why should I rhyme with every stanza?
It's not a given rule,
it's just my OCD,
just this time i will ignore it.

Why do I get these shower thoughts?
They just pop into my mind.
When I turn on the water,
I never know what I'm going to find.
Based on personal experience
Binge Eating
Ice skating
Destroy build destroy
Instant gratification
Cultivating friendships
Using others for my own wants
Meeting the consequences of my actions.
Thanks for all the support guys and gals and others
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