Chloe Helton Mar 2017

You're always there, when I smile.
But not right now.
I can't stop myself from frowning now.
Smiling mouth with my deadened eyes
and quivering all alone in my mind.
I remember when you said
that if I need you, you'll be right there.

Why don't you love me
anymore? Was I sickening to the touch?
Why don't you love me
anymore? Did I scare your love away?
I need you back. You won't come back.
You won't return my love.
How can I obtain the love that you hold in your heart?

You're always there, when I laugh.
But you're gone now.
Screaming, crying in a storm of feelings.
Smiling until I get home,
is this some kind of sick joke?
I miss the ways you held my hand.
I love you and it hurts to see you.

How could it be, that I've fallen
for you, even though you
walked away? You should have stayed by my side.
After all you said you would.
Please don't leave. Why did you leave?
You promised you would always be there.
I'll be waiting if you want to return.

Chloe Helton Mar 2017

Love's behind your tainted eyes,
the one who's perfect in the sunlight.
you need to show your beauty
to the ones that hurt and blemish your heart.

I have not seen you in a
while, but you are right next to me.
I know that you feel so alone,
as if there are no people.

You look so perfect in sunlight,
but you are hiding behind your masked eyes.

You need to show what lies behind
your tainted, masked eyes tonight.
You pretend to be someone you're not.
Don't be afraid of the shadowed hearts.

You are so lonely, but in disguise,
just show what really hides behind those eyes.
Excuse the hate, is all I ask
and I promise you'll see the love soon.

You look so perfect in sunlight,
but you are hiding behind your masked eyes.

Chloe Helton Mar 2017

She's pulling the strings to my thoughts
and saying the words through my mouth.
Choosing my life with her actions.
Choosing my life with her words.
She's making my choices with her mind.
Choosing my life with her hands.

I'm looking through my own eyes, but what I see is fake.
I try to make decisions, but when I try I break.
I can not trust myself when my feelings put things at stake.

She's putting my life in danger
and breaking my soul without help.
Choosing my life with her actions.
Choosing my life with her words.
She's changing my entire life.
Choosing my life with her hands.

I try to run without her, but it never works.
She is me entirely and, I promise, has no perks.
She haunts me everyday and, when I look at her, she smirks.

My biggest enemy is myself.
Chloe Helton Mar 2017

You were "okay" with me
and "insane" for me.
I thought that you would stay forever in love with me.
Then you removed your life and heart from your love for me.
I didn't think that this is what your love had in store for me.

Is their an ugly imperfection that is part of me?
Do I need to change myself to have your love for me?
What can I do so that I'll have what you want from me?
Is the thing that made you run way, something 'bout me?

Chloe Helton Mar 2017

I'm waiting for your hand,
I'm grasping onto nothing.
A smile won't appear.
When you're gone.

Awaking all alone,
Sitting in the darkness,
You turned you're back to me,
when you left.

Hear me crying,
see me shake in fear.
Like the children
who are scared when no one's there.

You left me alone,
now I don't know whats real or not.
Where did you go?
I'm kind of
missing you.
Please don't go away,
You said that you needed me.
You can stay in my arms.
Or perhaps I,
could I maybe
be in yours?

You haven't yet returned,
but I'm waiting for that moment.
I want you back with me,
all my life.

Hear my sorrow,
see my face, I'm scared.
You're the reason
that I
am still here.

When you left me alone
and wouldn't show up anymore.
I sat in the dark
and I was
all alone.
I am very afraid
and still grasping for your hand.
You can be in my arms,
but I want to be
in yours.

— The End —