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A potato Jan 2021
Another year pasts, older I become
the more I see. Birthday parties have lost  
their touch. Two, five, nine, fourteen, as I strum
the fiddle of life. But what was the cost?

Cake and balloons don't cut it anymore,
Laughing and singing with family is
now a burden. Lit candles are a bore.
My eyes are opened, ignorance is bliss.
I do not mean to be so ungrateful,

But there happens to be an ungodly  
amount of strings attached. I'm not able
to pay them back for their trinkets. Oddly
enough that spesh day was never stable,

Except you didn't remember my birthday,  
but I never did like it anyway.
Another poem i wrote for English
A potato Jan 2021
I see small puppies and kittens, oh my!
With their small button noses and with their
look of curiosity in the eyes
of their beholder as they woof and purr.

They are always there for you in a time
of need. I look as you lay in my lap
wishing that you could still be in your prime.
It seemed to pass in a single cold snap,

from puppy to dog, from kitten to cat.
Oh, how have you grown as these stresses past.
You acted as big bad wolves and large rats,
but I still loved you. Days are just downcasts

without you at my side. But, you can sleep
for all eternity without a peep.
I wrote this for English, so its not very good...
A potato Jan 2021
It seems I been a bit dramatic,
I did not realize the nuisance I have caused.
It has become automatic
and I should have paused
my train of thought
before it became derailed
because I ought
to change as the ship has sailed.

Apparently, I became so detached,
time has become non-existant
as the placement of my mismatched
socks. But, at least I'm persistent
and predictable as I do too much and too little
at the same time. I have failed
to prove this to be an acquittal,
to change as the ship has sailed.
A potato May 2019
Why am I so shallow?
Constantly making mistakes over and over again,
Constantly plotting revenge against my peers.
I lie day-to-day, I loose respect of my peers because of my mouth.
I'm self aware, so why do I loose the trust of people, along with their respect.
I can barely spell, let alone control my mouth.
My brain is like an athlete on steroids on a endless treadmill, my mouth is like
a bullet train piercing the minds and thoughts of others.
I feel like I have no friends, sob story I know right?
I rant about pointless things and I think YouTube is giving hints
like the 'Family Friendly Noose Song'
I'm sorry to those who know me and those have yet to meet me.
A potato May 2019
In my opinion, spring *****,
its either to muddy or its snowing,
but flowers that are the colour of rich lilacs  
are blooming and birds are unfolding their wings.

In my opinion, spring *****
Why you may ask ? Allergies. Thats right, Allergies.
A potato May 2019
I love to go book shopping,
my mom is going hopping
mad. Smells of coffee clinging
to the books. Almost dropping
the books as I am grabbing
them quickly off the shelving.
Receiving many weird stares,
But, no one cares. Book Shopping!
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