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Glass half empty,
because I drank the other half.
Drinking emptiness to fill empty.
If algorithms had flavour it would probably taste like McDonald's.
Crushing reality.
Crashing around.
Lightning blinds the sky.

Trivial toad
In your pond.
Lily pad layabout.
Ignorance it would seem is indeed bliss.
I hate weekdays.
Claggy and samey
Rolling on.
Vanilla void
To weekends wildness.
Be who you want to be,
Believe in yourself.
They need a new target to destroy.
There's a certain beauty in a ready meal
Icey and hard til you warm it up.
It spins like a ballerina
On its glass stage.
I observe the mouthwatering dance.
I am its number one fan.
I must see the beauty beneath the plastic. And I do and I will.
My pretty portioned Prince.
Needles in hospitals,
Street corner cures.
Doctors and medicine
Dealers and ******.
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