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Skywlkr 15h
Thirteen, Forteen,
Everydays the Same Routine
Fifteen, Sixteen,
Might Aswell Live in a Dream
Seventeen, Eighteen,
We All Long to Just Be Seen
Nineteen, Twenty,
Sad Dreams are Plenty
Twenty-one, Twenty-two,
We Shouldn't Need to Feel So Blue
Twenty-three, Twenty-four,
Thank you For Holding Open the
This second part is for people who hold me up
Skywlkr 16h
One, Two,
I Miss you it's True
Three, Four,
Your Here no More
Five, Six,
Its You God Picks
Seven, Eight,
Life Without you I Hate
Nine, Ten,
In Heaven I Will See you Again
Eleven, Twelve,
Till then My Mind does Dwell
This first part is for my mother in heaven
Skywlkr 16h
To be Seen ~
You Must be Noticed ~
To be Noticed you must Show Yourself.
But to Show Yourself ~
You Must Break Down a Barrier ~
But to Break down than Barrier you Need to Listen to Cruel Laughter ~
                     I No Longer Care if anyone
                   Hears my Screams of Terror
     My Words Are True they Carry Disaster I share my Words With you as my Heart Thumps Faster ;
So because I Stop throwing you "Attention" liking your Poems Filled with "Misdirection" does that Mean I Shouldn't be Seen and Does that Mean I Shouldn't be Noticed,,
                I Broke down a big barrier
                just to Get Roasted...............
Well I Realise that so Many Can't "See" that I "Noticed" you Built My "Barrier"
Back up Simply Because I Stopped Screaming Out
                     Your Morals are Wrong
                      Without a Doubt...........
But here I Be and your Being a Bam
So Bring it On throw me to the Ground With a hard Slam it's ignorant people like you that Makes me Who I am ;;;;;
Enough said from a broken head
Skywlkr 2d
. WORD .

      .X X.
Suiside awareness
There's a real epidemic out there
The past year has been so many Lifes lost
Through so many things that if there was better ways to handle and more awareness
We could help save alot more Lifes so... But the semicolon symbol is a sign of awareness by a group (semi colon tattoo awareness) look it up share!!!!!!
Skywlkr 3d
I Hate To See People Whom are Free,
Free!.......... Free from Whom they can be
               Darkness Handed to Me
I'm just a Tree Longing To Be!!!
Standing in A Green Feild Of Grass.......
Just a Dry Dead Tree that Life Seemed To Pass......
Every Other Tree Seems Flourished,
This Dead Tree is Malnourished,
But Sharing the Same Feild this Tree Seemed to not Yield this Trees Fate hasn't yet been Sealed........
          Underneath its Roots Kept Reaching Out and Around asking Other Trees To Help it Be Found
Hoping for One to Whom it Can be Bound,,,,
There's So Much you Don't See Just Underground but if you dig, Listen and Look your Mind Would Be Shook
Wondering what It Must Have Took that Dry Dead Trees Roots Travelled so Far it Could Write a Book,
I hope you get the message in this writting please give me some feedback
3d · 40
Skywlkr 3d
Sun Ray's Shine
Showing a clear Line
As a Brick Wall You Cannot
So instead we Write a
A Small way to Buy some Time
Till the Sun does Fall
Darkness Hiding the Wall
You Feel so Tall
But with Nothing to Overcome
Then your Path is Done
So Open your Eyes and Use the Sun
Look for a New Way for your Mind to Run
Don't know what to title any suggestions???
Skywlkr 4d
Written in a Rhyme.........
                Your Thoughts are Sublime.....
To Not Share them Would Be a
Reading your Words I Can Hear Your Courage Chime.....
It Matters Not What got You There what Matters is That You Are........
That Makes you a Star........
Written in a Rhyme...........
                           No need to Save time.....
I Will Always Give you Some of Mine...
Skywlkr 5d
Medication the Doctor Said
Meditation i Had Said
Emptying a Mind of Anxeitys Bled
Think Of all the Poems You've
Or Think Of Nothing Instead!
I Do not Subdue My Issues With Tablets that hide Blues
Why Would I Hide Them Rather Than Cure Them Even With Just a Truce
But Still Your Mind Remains with a Bruise
For All The Strengh It'll Use
But Be Honest We Cause Our Own Anxietys and Strenghen Them Up While They Lie and Wait In Retreat While You Hide Taking Smarties
That arnt a Sweet
I URGE those with Anxeity and depression to look for a way to fight without meds it will make it worse locking it away it doesn't cure only disguise,s I get that it can help when u mentally and physically need to be anywhere else in your Minds for safety but that's a dangerous game that your mind will always win our minds ADAPT and Anxeity Kicks our **** every fight find something that gives you courage to fight you have the Strengh already but your mind is smarter or you wouldn't feel it in first place but each case has different effects and our daily Lifes are not the same just our minds whom are freinds with each other we just don't know it therefore we can't defeat what you don't know or search out because that's the bottom line theese meds are helping your Anxietys and depression they arnt helping You!
Skywlkr Apr 13
Nothing to Give
Nothing to Offer
Seems Even Family No Longer Bother
But Still Good See You All Have One Anougher
I See Together You All Share Happiness And Laughter
Nothing to Give
Nothing to Offer
So I Hear From You All Never
But Like a Said Atleaste I Get To Watch As You All Have Each Other
Pretty Much No Family Since I Lost My Mother
Skywlkr Apr 12
I Just Stopped Listening
I Just Stopped Reading
Couldn't Take Anymore False Feeling
Told You to Believe My Words you Were Seeing
Couldn't Buy how Nice You all Was Being
Turns Out People Only Want To
Know You When it's Notice to Them
Your Giving
I Sit Silent In Minds Confinement
Realising How Courage is
Not a Requirement
Just Someone Relating is The
So Don't Just Like My poems and Writtings Just Because I Do Yours
That's Just a Disappointment
Skywlkr Apr 7
I Sit Inviting Thee Challenge You to Try and See Me.........
Open Your Own Mind And Try to Find What Makes Me Be..........
Such a Life im So! So! Free!.
But So Much More, I Hope Your Sitting Comfortably, open your Heart And Hear Me,
                       "My Name Was Admired"
                            "I Never Grew Tired"
                           "I Love How I Inspired"
But Something Changed,
I Felt The Deep Anguish Of Something I Didn't Before Believe In.
I'd Given Everything I Could I Lost The Only Two People Whom Where My Piers Mother And Peter Frew I Died With Them Its True My Mind Changed And The Rest Is Blue,
Put In A Cell And Prison I Went I Swear That Knife Wasn't With InTent.
       Now My Personalities Are Many
     For How Many Times They Change,
        Well Wow If I Had A Penny......... ,
You Must Think I Can't Write A Poem As Beautiful As A Flower,
As Most My Writings Seem Sour,
Well I Write What Is True From My Many Minds so Many Memories I Can't Find Because The Anxeity Makes My Own Thoughts Blind,
I Found This Place Of Escape,
A Place Where Life isn't a Race,
I Started Writing Words In A Empty Place,
It Became So People Noticed My Face My Words in There Heart Had A Space,
Now They Seem To Be Silent But Do Have A Trace
What Have I done To You My Freind
I Hope How I Am Doesn't Offend
I Didn't Want Your Freindship Just On Lend But Seems Its The End(as always)
My Anxeity Will Always Raise........
Apr 7 · 47
Anougher Cut
Skywlkr Apr 7
More Scars to Bare
If You Stood Infront of Me
Would you Stare At Theese Cuts I wear
I'm Watchin The Blood Run Down
My Arm Can't Stop Cutting My Mind
Knows No Calm
Blood Building up in to A Bulge
Untill It's To Heavy To Remain So It Over Weighs and That Spot It once Stayed From Its Home it Strayed Bouncing Through the Hairs Changing Paths if It Dares it Bothers Me Not
This Feeling Like No One Cares
You May See My Scars But You Don't See The Underside Of Them Within My body Within My Soul
Right Now Dying is My Goal
I Like The Pain But It Stops Just As The Blade Lifts So Anougher Scar From the Blade with a Movement So Swift
My Mind Continues To Drift
I'm So Lost
I feel So Weak
I'm Cutting as My Life Seems So Bleak
By The Life I Once Treid To Seek
Apr 5 · 48
Awell then
Skywlkr Apr 5
Skywlkr Apr 4
If My Writings have Gotten so Rotten
Then Surely I Must Apologise
Sorry My Words Grew Quiet
I Didn't Relise
Seems The Same Old Words
Are too No One's Suprise
And The Only Feelings To Arise Are Those of Written
Seems People Drift Away Because
I Can't Seem to Stay
I Just Run Out of Things To "Say"
Have my Writtings Lost There Meaning?
Because There all Truth From
My Feeling
Searching For Something to Believe in
So I Must Say Sorry If my Words Grew Silent Or Mabey I'm Sorry your Ears
Have Just Turned Defiant
You will Always Find Things And People Change If you Don't Give Them What there Looking For And 90% of the time it's Not Our Words we write or emotions we share or Cries for anyone to listen or talk to u NO!  It's 90% the time people want you to be the one praising noticing and liking then and only then do they give any notice to you lessons learned I like this site but so many fake people and further strife to find its almost as if this world is blind
Apr 4 · 46
A Deep Question
Skywlkr Apr 4
Wow what a Question..........
Name Three things you are grateful for She asks.
My Mind went numb not blank for what or who should I thank.
My Anxietys rolled over me like a tank. I feel so guilty and wrong why didn't anything come to mind.
And in my mind! all theese things to be grateful for I just couldn't find my happiness became blind..
I felt so sad and lonely nothing seemed to be good to me why didn't even my precious son Come to mind I mean "Seriously" that boy is my Life And in that question I didn't even think of my Wife "WHAT THE ****!" I deserve to feel a Knife!. '
Carrying all this Strife'.
'Ungrateful in Life'
I just sat here thinking and thinking but my mind was empty only carrying the feeling of  "I can't believe nothing comes to me to be grateful for when there must and should be a million reasons Why" but to her I didn't lie I felt my soul begin to Cry Memories of how so many times I treid to Die.
I don't deserve this life anyway to be grateful for anything would be selfish I tell Myself!.  But all of this brings more things to Ponder feelings of Surviving no Longer thinking of how my Anxietys grow Stronger,
But in all of this I figured I'm in this day feeling bad I have to say but realising that having even one answer could show me the Way.
So yes I'm here today, thinking that it is an Actual! Day! And given all I am and all I feel I don't deserve and all that still don't walk away just because of how much my personality would Stray.
I kinda figure my answer its only One Thing But it made a few Memories Sing and as My time passes I'm Just Simply Grateful for all Theese "Chances!"
I just don't know what to say ****** questions come up on Facebook and she asks me it and it shows me something about my Anxeitys that I haven't yet experienced and it makes me feel like just noting in this world that is going to help or save me and that scares me
Mar 28 · 46
Skywlkr Mar 28
Hey I know everyone entitled to there own opinion and ect. But all theese things evryone disagrees with something which makes us differnt but on the other hand one thing every person on this planet can say we all have in common is we all hate doing the dishes and tidying the kitchen because of the state it gets in lol
Skywlkr Mar 28
Run Away
Is a Game My Mind Likes To Play
All My Happy Memories Begin To Stray
Why Does My Mind Treat Me This Way
Feelings Of Such Grey I Know My Life is Good and Should be Balanced But
Depression and Anxiety
Will Have There Say
Crushing My Body And Soul with How Much They Weigh and its Clear
There Here to Stay Never to Go Away
Stalking Me Like I Am Prey
Pulling My Issues Out to Display
All I Can Do Is Let My Mind Play
Runaway And Hope My Memories Survive For Anougher Day
Skywlkr Mar 28
Run Away
Is a Game My Mind Likes To Play
All My Happy Memories Begin To Stray
Why Does My Mind Treat Me This Way
Feelings Of Such Grey I Know My Life is Good and Should be Balanced But
Depression and Anxiety
Will Have There Say
Crushing My Body And Soul with How Much They Weigh and its Clear
There Here to Stay Never to Go Away
Stalking Me Like I Am Prey
Pulling My Issues Out to Display
All I Can Do Is Let My Mind Play
Runaway And Hope My Memories Survive For Anougher Day
Mar 26 · 95
Feel Fake Best
Skywlkr Mar 26
The Best Feelings Are Fake...
Living in a Dreamland Before you Wake While With Limited Time Roaming a World with All you can Take Hoping that Daylight Forever Don't Break,
Longing To Stay in That Place for your Minds Sake but.,,
Dreams Are as Fragile as a Snowflake
You Realise the Best Feelings Are Fake as Soon as Your Mind Awakes.
Mar 26 · 32
My Broken Mind
Skywlkr Mar 26
My Broken Mind
I'm So Hard to Find
My Happy Memories Turned Blind
Anxiety Standing Close Behind
Why Must I Feel Emotions
Without Choosing my Life is Bruising Mind Full of Paths Not Worth using
Only Silence and Darkness Feels Soothing!

Where am I?
Why am I?
Will I?
Mar 20 · 38
#A Know This Guy
Skywlkr Mar 20
I Knew This Guy,,,
As a Boy He Was Shy,,,
Grew up Reaching For The Sky,,,
There Was Some Kind of Sparkle in His Eye all of His Problems Let Go With a Sigh!,
                       To Give all he Could is
                       something he Would
There's No Reason He Should his Karma Was Just To Feel Good,,,
I Knew This Guy Now it Seems His Karma Was A Lie!
He Still Gave All For Nothing I Won't Deny,,, But Now he Sits Hiding Away to Cry! ,,
                           I Knew This Man!
                    Broken But Still Giving All
                                    He Can!
Seems Destroying Himself Is The Plan!
Everyone "Blindly" Took so Much Now His Confidence has Lost its Touch,,,
To Be Fair He's Not Himself as Such!,,,
And Even Though he Don't Have Much Left To To Give He Always will Your Smiles Are What Makes him Want To Live!!!!,,,,
                  An Endless Battle
          With Memories That Rattle
There's No Surrender For Those We Wish To Conjure Whom Would Bare
            Our Burdens Stronger
Got To Learn And Cope With Them Here No Longer! All He's Lost With All He's Gave Fills Him with Anger, Because He Lost Evrything that Makes Him Everyone's Anchor,
                                  I Knew This Person,
                                 There Life Seemed
                                 Uncertain Would He Ever Again Open The Curtian................ (Chapter One)
Mar 19 · 51
Your-(My!) Tears
Skywlkr Mar 19
Have You Red Words So Blue,
That Shed Tears so True,
"In Sadness Those Tears are All You"
"In Happiness Those Tears are for"
"In Your Soul Those Tears are Never"
"Those Tears"
"Holding your Heart Together Like" "Glue"
Sadness Surrounds,                                      
Happiness Howls,                                        
Soul Destroyed,                                            
Heart Broken,                                                
"Hear Theese Words Softly Spoken"
'My Precious Love You Have Awoken'
'Show Me Your Tears and I Will Take'
      "Your Fears"      
'Hold Your Hand Even When The Fog' "Clears and Well Beyond My Years"
"For Always I Will Dry Your Tears"
Mar 16 · 61
Skywlkr Mar 16
Your Words Have Meaning,
I Say!
Your Words Carry Feeling,
Its Not as Simple as Just Believing,
Writting Down Words of Tears
Look At Theese Words As Though
You Are Dreaming Tell Me Is it As Powerful as it is Seeming
I Can See In Your Words That Your
Eyes Stopped Twinkling
I Can Feel In Your Words That Your
Heart is Hurting!
But Within The Words Your There
Fighting Still Surviving,
Its Not That Surprising with Your Visions of this Poem Thriving,,
The Splash Marks From Your Crying
I Can Hear In Your Words Your
Your Words Have Meaning,
I Say!
Your Words Carry Feeling,
Its a Precious Thing to Be Reading
The Reason For Me to Keep Believing
Pain Contained And Courage
This Poem Is Yet To Be Named
Mar 12 · 57
A kick In The Nutzzz!
Skywlkr Mar 12
This is why Woman shouldn't kick in the Nuts!
It really does feel like your          
***** Tube! inside your Groin
Is like Can Only be told as a Golf Ball  through a Straw!
So Please Refrain!
IMAGINE! .... If you
Think Time of the Month is bad we'll Imagine your Eggs where the Size of a ******* Easter Egg!!
Mar 8 · 86
! Ive Lost Again !
Skywlkr Mar 8
It Will Never Leave
For a Moment I Thought I Could Breath
My Mind is Back I Let My Gaurd
Now The The Anxeity is Back With a Massive Whack My Life Again Under Attack!
Once Again Lost Memories Covered
By Frost
My Many Personalities Crossed and
my Issues Embossed!
How Long For This Time I do not Know however that Dont matter because even when and if it does Adjourn its Always Sure to
I just Give up it cost me evrything evrytime
I can't keep fighting all the time it's taking so much and everyday it kills something I can't get back regardless so i will end up with no streangh or will to keep fighting one day and that scares me so much I've once again pushed evryone away and even my wife locked in my living room don't know when I will open the door again I hate this but I know I'm still in here somewhere I MUST BE I'M WRITTING THIS! !!!!!!!
Mar 8 · 31
Should've Not !
Skywlkr Mar 8
Do You Know Me!
Of Course You ******* Don't,
Do You See Me!
Of Course You ******* Dont
Do You Want Too Know or See Me!
I Doubt You ******* Do!
Because You Would Realise Something
******* True!
Some People Like To Say Things But Never Be Clear!
Well Trust Me Without Words I Still
Clearly Hear!
No Matter What My Mind is Always ******* Near !
If you think I do not know or see you then you need to get a clue and be one of them few
Because trust me no one can touch me without getting burned I have something of evrything on anyone and everyone I learned this gift from very ******* Young!
So as I Sit silent not listening trust me I'm just simply sitting learning my tight mind in turning for this weapon of a mind is *******!
yearning the Ammo it needs is
******* Concerning!
I Bet You Wish You Knew Me I Bet You
Wish you Fuking Seen Me!
Started Something Without Knowing
Now The Fight is Flowing my Minds Knowledge is ******* Growing!
Can feel My Anxiety exploding!
People have no clue who you are and yet still give u cause for Anougher scar
People don't take the time to understand they cause some trouble from there little ******* bubble they should think of what you've learned
Before they treid to hussle
And in your home caused a
******* kerfuffle!
Now your Feathers I Will
******* Rustle!!!
Mar 7 · 109
# Green
Skywlkr Mar 7
For I Love the Colour Green
And I Want to tell you
What it Does Mean
Because its Harmony to Be Seen
Fresh as The Sky
In the Grass I Love To Lie
Its Such a Colour to Make you
Feel Safe
Gives Emotions Somewhere to Bathe
For I Love The Colour Green
Such a Sight of Pristine
Keeps Your Mind open and Keen
Mar 7 · 136
Skywlkr Mar 7
Am I a Fool
For Thinking you Were
Because Now I Feel you are Cold and Cruel
Looking Upon my Words with
Mar 7 · 33
Stand Tall!
Skywlkr Mar 7
You Should Get Up and not Crawl,
You Should Stand up Tall,
Find Your Confidence and Break Down That Wall,
Can You Hear That..........
                                         Its Your Strengh
Giving you a Call Telling you not to Feel so Small......
Saying you Should get back up From the Fall,
You Have Something Speashal to Give To All.....
Skywlkr Mar 5
Haven't Written in the Past Few Days Been Trying to Find Ways,
But You See For A Little While I Haven't Been Able to Even Smile,
Been Really Unwell and Lying in A Pile
Feels Like God Is Putting Me on Trial
Extremely unwell I've Been in Denile,
                               No Hospitals or Docs
                               For Me it's Not the
                               Way I Feel Free Serious Problems I Don't Want to See
The Pain Won't Live with Me But to the People That Love Thee so I Say to God do what you Must But Remember That your Not Punishing me By Giving Me What I Probably Deserve.
But I'm Not Sure God Can See How his Actions Curve.
I Love My Wife And Son they Don't Deserve to Feel for What I've Done,
So Untill I'm Feeling Better They'll be No Fun,
So untill I can Write again I shall Feel Glum.
Been really unwell past 3 days I can barely move miss having words in my mind to write hopefully this will subside soon
Skywlkr Mar 2
Death is a Creep
Why Does he Reap
His Darkness starts to Seep
From Those Eyes So Deep
So Death Likes To Play he Should Heed What I say Because on That day
I'll Give him a Game to Play
I'll Give Him My Life!
Then I will See His White Bones Turn Grey I bet His Mind Begins to Stray
He Won't Handle What my Mind does Weigh
I Make Death Pray
And then he Allows Me to Stay
Thank you Death for Anougher Day
Skywlkr Mar 2
Why my still Awake,
Dreams I Would Take,
I'm tired of Not Sleeping,
He tells Me it's Not God's Sake,
Its the Liberties of Life I Take,
So I suffer and Stay Awake,
One Day when I Hit That Gate I will Hand him A Slice Of this Cake,
I have no idea where this came from my Anxietys cause me insomnia but this is taking the cake hahahhahahahhaba
Skywlkr Mar 1
If you Don't Know how to Pray
Worry Not There's No Particular Way
You've Just Gotta Open Your Soul and Say and then Watch the Clouds At Play
Let Your Troubles Drift Away
What Could Be Better than Living Anougher
Just Anougher one to share my happy thoughts today
Skywlkr Mar 1
I Have a Rusty Penny
And I Know There is Many
I have loads already
But this Lonely Penny
Has Kept My Luck Steady
I Will Return him To The Many when i
am Ready
So My Rusty Penny although
My Savings Have Shown that you've Grown
My One Rusty Penny has Turned Into Many
Thank You For You Help To Riches
Into Pounds My Penny Switches
Rusty Copper Into Shiney Gold Look At All theese Coins I Now Hold
My Penny Has Grown Old
So I Give Him to Someone Who's Homless and Cold
"It's Lucky I Was Told"
I Was Challenged
"For What Can I Buy With This"
"Simple Penny"
Keep it I Say it Will Turn into Many
Just Believe This Rusty Penny Is Your Freind and if Your Lucky this
One lonely Rusty Penny Will Stay With you Till the End
Mar 1 · 78
Care in Inspiration
Skywlkr Mar 1
So I've Learned
That Strife Can Be Turned
Ive Almost Left This Site a Few Times
But I Can't Stop Writting theese Rhymes
So I Remain Sorry For the Strain
But It's Your poems And Words that
Stop The Rain
So Glad I Found A Way
For My Mind To Play
It Helps is All I Can Say
Thank you all for Sharing in This
I think without your Insirations
My Words Would Be Irritations
I've learned
We All Have Situations
And I thank you for your Patience
So I Stay on This Site
And Not to be Polite its Because I feel Free with Theese Words I Write
Thank you all for your time and to the people who take the time to message and really boost my confidence with this its so massively helpfull
Mar 1 · 117
Quick fight
Skywlkr Mar 1
It isn't Right
We Shouldn't Fight
You Seen A Hook and Took A
I'm saying this Polite
Me you tried to Smite
So I Give You a Right
Then I give you a left just as your
Diginity did
Small one for u to enjoy
Mar 1 · 28
Freinds with Words
Skywlkr Mar 1
They say
     Ignorance is Bliss But there
                Talking ****
So ignorant you won't heed this
       So Little time to Read this
         You should pay attention
                                                  Take your Life
                                                 A new direction
                                          Knowing you dont need
                                    Your Parents there for your
So when your without
Have no Doubt lonely feelings will be about
So find your path to Follow live without Sorrow and if your struggling I have some advice for you to borrow........... Because I know what its like Surviving for Tommorow.
I'm tired of hearing how some say there my freind but its something they seem to bend thinking freinship is something you Lend
Give them little attention and they call it an end
Well still my words to you I shall send......
I am strong and wise you don't truly know me so Surprise! and I won't hear any of your Lies because I see the fake in your eyes around different people you wear a disguise is it me my personality or issues that you dispise
                        Well I don't care
              Your problems I shall bare
                 So talk to me and share
                 What's polluting your air?  
      Always an forever Al turn my back never
Just don't think you know better your not that
You pretend to know me but you don't see and            without my truth you won't be free.....
I wrote this as a post on Facebook tired of so many people saying things they just don't mean
Skywlkr Mar 1
So Many Days I've Lived In a Haze
Pained in so many Ways
Darkness has Become a Craze
I Lose the Game That My Mind Plays.
So Many Weeks Fighting
To Reach the Peeks
For Which My Mind Seeks
I've Lost as My Mind Speaks
So Many Months of Searching
Hoping My Mind Is Learning
But I'm Losing As My Memories
Start Burning.
So Many years Fighting the Tears
My Life Ain't as it Appears
Its Full Of Fears.
Thinking Back On My Life
Its been Full of Strife
Always in the Presence of
A Knife
But Now I Have My
Son and Wife
Time to Turn Around My Life.
I Continue to Fight
Its Why I Write
Gives Me A Reason to Sit in Some Light
To Put Down Theese Words Of Might
This World Once Again Shall Be Bright.
I love writing thank you C.J for my title on this poem
Skywlkr Mar 1
It's Holding Me Tight............
          I'm Full Of Freight......
          The Darkness In My Mind Is
                                         Back Tonight.....
Past Couple Day Have Been Good and Bright but Then My Memories turned Of A light........
         Seems Once Again.........
                       I've Lost my Might.........
                   But Staying In the Fight.........
I Use it As Inspiration To Write............... This Darkness I will....... Smite.........
By Using Theese Words I Recite ***
Had good couple days but never lasts long back to it then I suppose
Feb 28 · 88
Chasing Delight
Skywlkr Feb 28
Chasing Delight
My Heart Takes Flight
Searching For Eyes So Bright
Longing To See That Perfect Sight
Sharing the Stars in the Night
So Much Inspiration For Me To Write
Love Flying High as A Kite
Felt Like Lighting Did
With Our Might There Was No Freight
For Together We Were
"Chasing Delight"!
Loving By Candle Light
We Exploded Like Dynamite
It Felt Like Smite but Full of Excite
For Together We Were
"Chasing Delight"!
Feb 27 · 250
#1.Purple Sky
Skywlkr Feb 27
For I Fear A Purple Sky
Spirits Will Tell You
Your Going To Die
That Death is Nigh
Follow Them High
Where Stars Cry In This Purple Sky
Walk On By Or Learn to Fly
They Also Say it Means there's a Storm an Hurricane
I Say its the spirits Bringing the Pain Seeing if Your Mind Can Take the Strain
For I Fear A Purple Sky
"Where Stars Cry"
I love the different colours the Sky goes there will be more of theese poems to follow deffo spiritually a purple sky means death is coming for someone
Feb 26 · 62
Skywlkr Feb 26
Don't take badness on your shoulders just to give others goodness no worthwile lessons can be learned this way
Last words of honesty I will ever have the chance to tell my biological father so ironic he is the devil too me and I comfort him
Feb 25 · 106
Tears have Fears
Skywlkr Feb 25
If Fears Were Tears
I'd Have No Fears Left
So why do Fears Give Me Tears I Cannot Cry
Blinding My Eye
Only With Sadness in The Sky
I Watch Those Tears Fly as They Say
Seems my Fears Are To "Much" For
Tears To "Touch" !
Skywlkr Feb 25
Look at You Falling in Line
Oh Wow your Life Must be So Great You Allow No One to Feed From your
Well that Attitude Will Seal your
You Help No One!
What do you think this day is yours
Am Telling you now theese Days
Can't Believe I Once Looked Up to Thee
Now I See you Only Live For Thee
So Truth you Will Never See
We All Live Survive and Die the Same
You your Just Playing A Governments
Tryna Find Fame wanting Evryone to
Know Your Name
Well you will Try in Vien! Die Alone and In Pain!
And Only Have Yourself to
Mabey you should have Took The Time!
To Share in Your Sublime!
Now you can keep to Yourself and not Share.
evryone else has Freindships to to Live an Bare!
Now Let's See if You Care!
I seen an old Freind of mine today be so mean to a young lad that really looked up to him an inspired him expect this lad I know just gave him abuse I used to look upto this lad to I looked after him growing up I never expected to see this from him so ashamed I don't want to be known as this lads Freind it's the kinda people I've had to stay away from lately
Feb 25 · 82
Take My Tommorow
Skywlkr Feb 25
Time Borrowed no Promise of Tommorow,
How can you Chase Away that Sorrow With No Path To Follow,
Heart Cold as Snow
Even the Trees No Longer Grow,
But I Will Give you My Tommorow
So Let Your Eyes Glow
And all Your Love Flow
If Your Time Runs Out You Should Have No Doubt
You I Cannot Be Without
So Take Half My Day So I Still Have "Time" To Say
How Much I Love You
And So You Know I Needed this "Time" To Give you My Tommorow
Good bye
I would give my Tommorow so you would still have one
Feb 25 · 241
Voice in The Wind
Skywlkr Feb 25
As The Wind Blows
My Strengh Grows
As I Hear the Wind Rush Memories
Begin to Push
The Sounds Of Wind Sings
It Gives us Wings
For Each Time I'm Lonely
I Stand Beside Wind So Closely
The Wind Blows Near
It Talks To Me So Clear
Its My Mother's Voice I Can Hear
Love you mam miss you truely
Feb 25 · 49
Lose Dark Fear !
Skywlkr Feb 25
I Think I'm Lost,
Can't See Anything Clear I Just Know that Darkness is Near,
To Many Tears To Dry but I Still Try, Finding Myself Seems to be Impossible
I May Aswell Crumble
Darkness is Remarkable Truely Humble oh its Such An Obstacle
But if I Close My Eyes and My Fear Dies,
        The Light Begins To Rise...............
Feb 24 · 150
My Girl !
Skywlkr Feb 24
She Was Just Anougher Girl,
A Pure Black Pearl,
One On Her Own I Took Her For My Own,
My Love For her Has Shown and I Will Make it Known,
                         For My Mind has Blown,
For Love She Felt Excluded but she Opened Up and My Heart Was included Struck By Cupid,,,,,
I'm Glad I Found This Black Pearl Girl She Pushes Me To Give Life A Whirl,,,,,
My wife loves black pearls was title of first song I said was her song
Feb 24 · 123
A Quick Thank You xXx
Skywlkr Feb 24
I Want To Say Thank You,
For Liking my poems and Writting Comments So True,
I'm Glad I Help Even If Only to A Few,
I Feel My Words Have Flew,
Like the Sun........
Through the Sky So Blue your likes And comments shine Strait Through
Its Ment So Much I wish You Knew
But Thank You For Taking Away Feelings So Blue it means Everything Coming From you...................
Your likes an comments really boost me thank you so very much sorry I can be hard to deal with sometimes
Feb 24 · 26
Sensation to One
Skywlkr Feb 24
What a Comprehension,
Words Between us with Tension,
Love in Supension,
A Touch with Such a Sensation,
                A True Love Creation,
                             Smile Reflection,
                                     Feeling Perfection,
Such an Expectation but Knowing with Your Love Flowing my Heart Will Keep Going.
                 We Will Survive Untill
Hope yall enjoy
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