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Skywlkr 1d
I Knew This Guy,,,
As a Boy He Was Shy,,,
Grew up Reaching For The Sky,,,
There Was Some Kind of Sparkle in His Eye all of His Problems Let Go With a Sigh!,
                       To Give all he Could is
                       something he Would
There's No Reason He Should his Karma Was Just To Feel Good,,,
I Knew This Guy Now it Seems His Karma Was A Lie!
He Still Gave All For Nothing I Won't Deny,,, But Now he Sits Hiding Away to Cry! ,,
                           I Knew This Man!
                    Broken But Still Giving All
                                    He Can!
Seems Destroying Himself Is The Plan!
Everyone "Blindly" Took so Much Now His Confidence has Lost its Touch,,,
To Be Fair He's Not Himself as Such!,,,
And Even Though he Don't Have Much Left To To Give He Always will Your Smiles Are What Makes him Want To Live!!!!,,,,
                  An Endless Battle
          With Memories That Rattle
There's No Surrender For Those We Wish To Conjure Whom Would Bare
            Our Burdens Stronger
Got To Learn And Cope With Them Here No Longer! All He's Lost With All He's Gave Fills Him with Anger, Because He Lost Evrything that Makes Him Everyone's Anchor,
                                  I Knew This Person,
                                 There Life Seemed
                                 Uncertain Would He Ever Again Open The Curtian................ (Chapter One)
Skywlkr 2d
Have You Red Words So Blue,
That Shed Tears so True,
"In Sadness Those Tears are All You"
"In Happiness Those Tears are for"
"In Your Soul Those Tears are Never"
"Those Tears"
"Holding your Heart Together Like" "Glue"
Sadness Surrounds,                                      
Happiness Howls,                                        
Soul Destroyed,                                            
Heart Broken,                                                
"Hear Theese Words Softly Spoken"
'My Precious Love You Have Awoken'
'Show Me Your Tears and I Will Take'
      "Your Fears"      
'Hold Your Hand Even When The Fog' "Clears and Well Beyond My Years"
"For Always I Will Dry Your Tears"
Skywlkr 5d
Your Words Have Meaning,
I Say!
Your Words Carry Feeling,
Its Not as Simple as Just Believing,
Writting Down Words of Tears
Look At Theese Words As Though
You Are Dreaming Tell Me Is it As Powerful as it is Seeming
I Can See In Your Words That Your
Eyes Stopped Twinkling
I Can Feel In Your Words That Your
Heart is Hurting!
But Within The Words Your There
Fighting Still Surviving,
Its Not That Surprising with Your Visions of this Poem Thriving,,
The Splash Marks From Your Crying
I Can Hear In Your Words Your
Your Words Have Meaning,
I Say!
Your Words Carry Feeling,
Its a Precious Thing to Be Reading
The Reason For Me to Keep Believing
Pain Contained And Courage
This Poem Is Yet To Be Named
Skywlkr Mar 12
This is why Woman shouldn't kick in the Nuts!
It really does feel like your          
***** Tube! inside your Groin
Is like Can Only be told as a Golf Ball  through a Straw!
So Please Refrain!
IMAGINE! .... If you
Think Time of the Month is bad we'll Imagine your Eggs where the Size of a ******* Easter Egg!!
Skywlkr Mar 8
It Will Never Leave
For a Moment I Thought I Could Breath
My Mind is Back I Let My Gaurd
Now The The Anxeity is Back With a Massive Whack My Life Again Under Attack!
Once Again Lost Memories Covered
By Frost
My Many Personalities Crossed and
my Issues Embossed!
How Long For This Time I do not Know however that Dont matter because even when and if it does Adjourn its Always Sure to
I just Give up it cost me evrything evrytime
I can't keep fighting all the time it's taking so much and everyday it kills something I can't get back regardless so i will end up with no streangh or will to keep fighting one day and that scares me so much I've once again pushed evryone away and even my wife locked in my living room don't know when I will open the door again I hate this but I know I'm still in here somewhere I MUST BE I'M WRITTING THIS! !!!!!!!
Skywlkr Mar 8
Do You Know Me!
Of Course You ******* Don't,
Do You See Me!
Of Course You ******* Dont
Do You Want Too Know or See Me!
I Doubt You ******* Do!
Because You Would Realise Something
******* True!
Some People Like To Say Things But Never Be Clear!
Well Trust Me Without Words I Still
Clearly Hear!
No Matter What My Mind is Always ******* Near !
If you think I do not know or see you then you need to get a clue and be one of them few
Because trust me no one can touch me without getting burned I have something of evrything on anyone and everyone I learned this gift from very ******* Young!
So as I Sit silent not listening trust me I'm just simply sitting learning my tight mind in turning for this weapon of a mind is *******!
yearning the Ammo it needs is
******* Concerning!
I Bet You Wish You Knew Me I Bet You
Wish you Fuking Seen Me!
Started Something Without Knowing
Now The Fight is Flowing my Minds Knowledge is ******* Growing!
Can feel My Anxiety exploding!
People have no clue who you are and yet still give u cause for Anougher scar
People don't take the time to understand they cause some trouble from there little ******* bubble they should think of what you've learned
Before they treid to hussle
And in your home caused a
******* kerfuffle!
Now your Feathers I Will
******* Rustle!!!
Skywlkr Mar 7
For I Love the Colour Green
And I Want to tell you
What it Does Mean
Because its Harmony to Be Seen
Fresh as The Sky
In the Grass I Love To Lie
Its Such a Colour to Make you
Feel Safe
Gives Emotions Somewhere to Bathe
For I Love The Colour Green
Such a Sight of Pristine
Keeps Your Mind open and Keen
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