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February 26th, I wrote a poem in Swedish. Here is the same poem, but translated. Enjoy<3
Your eyes remind me of the galaxy, colorful and deep.
Your smile is the sunshine, because it shines through good and bad.
And your heart ... Oh, how it's spreading.
The kindness of your heart strikes like sticks on a steel drum,
vibrates and hits every person who hears it with emotion.
You are a ripple in time but your meaning clearly goes
through the memories of everyone else. You are my friend and you are my gift. This is my gift to you.
I'm glad we met. I hope your ripple makes you do something impossible.
My introversion is a curse and a blessing,
I'm the weeping willow of the party,
Coveted yet demeaned: outguessing,
Sequestered in a conference, once hearty

Delegate dances sicken my soul,
Friending one of you to avoid my life,
Eventually, I will somersault to coal,
It's not my fault; the proxies have an unused knife
So obviously Luca, Julian, Dixon, and Davyn friended me on social media, but I don't know what to do. This makes me remember when I had to get out of the delegates dance last year because everyone was crazy; cutting my wrists in the restroom sounded way better at the time.
*I'm the defiant proxy. Sorry this *****...
i’ve always liked the moon more than the sun
it doesn’t burn my skin and make me itch
it doesn’t dry my eyes and scratch my irises
it makes other people yawn and stretch
leaving me alone to my insane thought process
where i convince myself everyone hates me
but the moon can’t hate me.
it’s a floating sphere of light.
um yeah idk
  11h Skylar Russo
I love you guys
Y'all seriously are the best
In your personality and poetry
To: Skylar, August, Pheonix, Elias, ghost, and SquidInk
  12h Skylar Russo
It's like a hole. Where my feelings are supposed to be.
It's not like I don't feel, I do feel certain things.
But it's a brief passing of an emotion.
When I'm happy, it's only for a moment.
Yet when I'm sad, it hits hard and heavy
It's like a hole.
But I feel that hole
All the time
here's me talking about it
  18h Skylar Russo
This crown of thorns:
Pushed farther on mine brow,
My brain, it mourns.
Mourns the sadness to which I bow.

These cuffs of blades:
Cut deep into mine legs and arms,
I have been cut by this ace of spades;
The forsaken knife, that exclusively harms.

This unfair reality:
It eats away at all thats left,
It falsely gives me a principality.
The load of emotions, I still heft.

A heart i will never take,
But I still stumble on.
Each day with another mistake,
My hope is just another con.
So ummm yeah, the first poem I wrote, way back in feb of 2019 right after a suicide attempt... Jesus-*******-Christ that’s dark. But I thought I’d share the story behind it. Also was reading Macbeth at the time, so that’s why the language is odd.
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