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Cory Wolf Jun 21
Sadness to joy is a road to be taken
Not just a move to a new destination

You can not go straight from sadness to joy
You must make a path and habits destroy

But it is the simplest path we all are after
And the simplest path to joy is laughter
Cory Wolf May 24
No matter what I say
No matter what I do
I always feel this way
I know my death is due

I can talk and talk
And say that I'm alright
But I'm a ticking clock
Waiting to say goodnight

But nobody ever cares
About how I truly feel
About the little tears
That will never heal

So just sit back and watch
As I slowly fade away
I can almost even touch
That close and fateful day
Cory Wolf Apr 17
I close my eyes
And start to cry
My hope dies
I don't know why

Life just hates me
And so will you
Once you see
I'm nothing new

But your smile
Lures me still
From a mile
Over a hill

It is a lighthouse
For me a waif
It is a blanket
To keep me safe
  Apr 8 Cory Wolf
Muffled sobbing.
The puddle of tears quickly forms into an ocean.
Carrying you away.
Isolating you from me.
You scream when I try to come your way.
When I try to comfort you.
So here I lay in my bed.
Wishing that your sadness will soon wash away.
Cory Wolf Apr 8
L osing all you doubts
O pening up to them
V aluing them above you
E xperiencing life together
Cory Wolf Apr 2
Every single message
Is worth a thousand pills
To help my depression
You have the the skills

I live off your texts
They are my life line
They keep me grounded
Through a dark time

You care so much
More than I do my self
Soon I will be better
Put depression on the shelf

Every conversation
Helps me so much more
That any therapy session
They feel like a chore

I wish you could know
How much you help
Because you care
To hear my yelp
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