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I’m fragile like glass and I fear that I might again break
after piecing myself back together flake by flake;
too many times have I fought for happiness in this war,
so I give in and let myself drown in the darkness and be no more.
I ran away today; and so I failed.
I couldn’t face my biggest fear; instead I bailed.
Suffocated from the inside out,
I was trapped and full of doubt.
Screaming on the inside, quiet on the outside;
within fear and anxiety is where I reside.
Skye Carpenter Dec 2018
I am torn into pieces like confetti,
                   tired from this fight; my soul is empty.

I want to     F
                                   away and be here no more,
          to find a peaceful place where I’m no longer in this war.
Skye Carpenter Dec 2018
Through all of this, I grow strong against the wind and rain,
blooming from the dark place I was buried; growing from the pain.
Skye Carpenter Dec 2018
The burning fire rises within my chest and makes me want to scream;
at both everything you took from me and all you left me with – they are two extremes.
You took away my innocence, purity, my entire childhood,
broke me into pieces and took as much of me as you could.
Now I am left powerless in a pit of despair, and I don’t feel alive,
completely immersed in a lake of despondency, I can barely survive.
Skye Carpenter Sep 2018
It’s a dark, cold September night sitting beneath the oak tree,
watching the sky as the stars come out; making a wish for me.

Wondering if I’ll ever feel the warmth spread through my veins like wildfire -
if I’ll ever feel the glow of happiness again or if the sadness will never tire.
Skye Carpenter Sep 2018
Remember that you cannot find healing in people who broke you,
instead you have to let them go and cleanse your soul of devalue.

Find healing in yourself and how far you have come despite all of the hurt,
and in how much hope and inspiration to others you exert.
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